My favorite Xmas Toy of All Time! 

 November 17, 2017

By  Jim Daniels

Well, I started my Xmas shopping this week.

Earliest ever for me.

I’m usually a last minute shopper but I decided to take the pressure off this year.

As I was browsing the toy isle I couldn’t resist buying one of those remote controlled helicopters. I love those things!

When I saw it I was instantly reminded of my favorite toy of all-time, Vertibird!

When I was 10 yrs. old, video games weren’t around yet.

We had “real” toys. You know, like board games and play dough.

Toys that required imagination.

That year I got my all-time favorite — Vertibird.

It was a little plastic helicopter on a stick that you controlled with two levers.

You could zip around in circles, stick a landing and even hover to pick up supplies.

Here’s the commercial from 1973, see if you remember this one…

I played with that thing for hours on end.

And get this.. it retailed for less than $30! Imagine that.

Can you think of ONE thing you can get for less than $30 this year that will give you that much excitement?

I can. It’s this really cool instant product creator my friend Eric and his team invented.

It’s perfect for web business newbies and veterans alike.

This web-based tool generates complete products for you in minutes, including…

-Your product
-Your sales letter
-Your squeeze page
-Your download page
-Your graphics

EVERYTHING is done for you and it’s all personalized with your name or pen name.

Check out this video for a live demonstration of this incredible new invention in action:


Why not grab it as an early Xmas gift to yourself!

No gazette next week, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim Daniels

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