My WP Speedy Links User Review Video and Bonuses 

 September 17, 2019

By  Jim Daniels

In today’s issue I’m doing a review of the WP Speedy Links Plugin Income Method.

WP Speedy Links is a brand plugin for WordPress. It helps you monetize any WordPress site or blog so you can start generating new income online.

I now use this plugin myself and I can personally vouch for the simplicity and effectiveness.

Most people never earn much online because they are looking to go from zero to wealthy in a few weeks. A better method is to use build income steadily and consistently.

This tool does that. As you’ll see in my review video below, it works right away and also for the long haul.

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The WP Speedy plugin is something that I KNOW will help a lot of my readers, so I am doing something special. Be sure to read til the end of this page so you don’t miss out on my bonuses!

Here’s my quick video review of this new plugin, explaining exactly it works and why…


If you’ve ever tried blogging or affiliate marketing but couldn’t make much from it, or get anyone to click on your offers, this plugin is for you.

The plugin installs in seconds and as you can see from my video, it is very simple to use.

Yes, you do need a WordPress blog or website in order to use this plugin, but if you have that you have everything you need. And if you do not have a blog already, I can build you one here.


The Funnel and OTO’s:

Front End: WP Speedy Links is the main product. It is a brand new plugin that helps you monetize any WordPress site or blog so you can start generating new income online.

OTO 1: Developer Rights let you add the plugin to as many sites as you want including sites you build for other people or clients.

OTO 2: Super Simple Resale Rights let you keep 100% off all the commissions all the way through the funnel.

OTO 3: Ad Rotator Software for running ads for yourself or your clients.

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Since I now use this plugin myself, I decided to sweeten the pot on this with some great bonuses to help you drive more traffic to your blogs and sites…

  1. TEN Ways to Effectively Promote as an Affiliate
  2. The Promotion Blueprint Video Training Course
  3. Online Ads and Website Traffic Course
  4. Top 51 Best Traffic Sources Video Training
  5. Graphics MEGA Package – Volume 1
  6. Graphics MEGA Package – Volume 2
  7. SureFire Wealth – Silver Level Pass

To see more details on each of these 7 bonuses, click here.


Closing Thoughts:

The method is very effective — I use it myself and I’m adding more keyword links at my blog regularly.

The front end price is quite low and this method does work as a passive income generator going forward, plus taking advantage of any work you have already done. (Articles, posts, etc. )

Once you have purchased the plugin your bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area. If you have any trouble getting my bonuses, simply send me an email at “Jim@bizweb2000.com” and I will send them to you.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you.

Start using WP Speedy Links Today…

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    • Thanks! I went with a free theme called Gridmag that I found while browsing through themes in the admin area of WordPress. StudioPress is also VERY good though, and will give you more power.

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