Best WordPress Plugin for JVZoo, Clickbank and Amazon Affiliates 

 May 6, 2016

By  Jim Daniels

You know all those videos you like to watch on the web?

Did you know that you can monetize them? (Yes, even if you didn’t make them.)

Here’s how:

Today I took this new WordPress plugin and made this entire IM Products video review site.

The plugin allows you to take ANY video and turn it into an automated video-based selling machine.

Hey, it’s no secret that video is the number 1 MOST powerful marketing tool on the Internet today.

It’s why 1.5 billion people just like you, all over the world are watching videos online.

It’s why YouTube gets over 1 BILLION unique visitors every month.

Now you have an easy way to capitalize on the video phenomenon.

We’re talking taking videos from Youtube, in your niche and monetizing them with your favorite affiliate links.

And all you do is follow 2 very simple steps…

1. Use the plugin to find a video on youtube

2. Choose a product to sell with the video (or an affiliate product)

Yes, you can do all this in just a couple of clicks.

I plan to spend an hour or so this weekend and build that site out to 100 videos, all with related products.

Yes, that’s how long it will take me to have an awesome, helpful video site for Internet marketers.

Because this WordPress plugin creates video-based cash-sucking blogs all with a few clicks of your mouse. (Maybe you’be heard that before, but I tried this one and it really does work that quickly and easily.)

Click here and check this plugin out for yourself!

The software will even automatically create video blog posts for you using videos from your favorite youtube channel. In other words, it sets your blog on auto-pilot and grows your content for you automatically.

If you have a domain or two you never got around to using, this is a great way to turn it into something useful and monetized. 🙂

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  • Hi, have you tried the CBPopper plugin? Google “cbpopper wordpress” for a description; It’s a WordPress plugin that automatically matches ClickBank products with your blogs content. Regards

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