Be Aware Before You Buy a WordPress Affiliate Plugin 

 April 19, 2016

By  Jim Daniels

By: Rob DaviesA WordPress Affiliate Plugin can simplify affiliate marketing – if you use the right plugin.

Let’s face it. Affiliate marketing can be challenging.

That’s why many developers have created WordPress plugins to streamline the process. Unfortunately, many affiliate plugins simply do not work, or worse, violate terms of the vendor or affiliate network.

Take the Amazon associate program for example…

There are literally dozens of WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates that are designed to create Amazon money sites. Yet most of them fall flat on their face by violating Amazon’s terms and conditions.

There are a few however that play well with Amazon and actually can help you generate profits through their associate program. One in particular is from a clever programmer in Greece called the Greek Geek – George Katsoudas.

His WordPress affiliate plugin is called Associate Goliath – it saves associates countless hours of writing posts that review products. In fact, it builds your niche website for you and can add up to 100 Amazon products at a time — complete with review video and your amazon referral link.

Here’s a demo video so you can see how it works…

If you want to profit from Amazon’s associate program, Associate Goliath can build you a complete video-based Amazon money site in just a few minutes.

[x] Without doing product research
[x] Without writing content
[x] Without having tech skills

It can even generate traffic from search engines for you simply by the way it designs posts.

Thousands of affiliate marketers are now using this plugin and everything is extremely push-button and simple to use.

NOTE: If you decide to try the Associate Goliath plugin, here’s a 15% discount coupon you can use.

The coupon code is: jim15

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  • Ji m Jarvis says:

    I am very intrigued with affiliate goliath but since I wear hearing aids it is very hard for me to understand foreign
    speaking sales people.
    Any suggestions for getting an explanation of the benefits of this plugin?
    Thanks as always,

    • Hi Jim,

      No problem. Basically it is a WordPress plugin that builds review sites for Amazon products in any niche you want. The reviews contain videos from youtube as well as your links to buy the products. This page at my site has more details in text format, as well as a coupon in case you want to try it out.

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