Webinars: Do They Really Work? 

 February 6, 2015

By  Jim Daniels

Last night I analyzed my affiliate commission stats for the last 12 months.

Of the 4 highest-earning products and services I promoted, 3 were sold via webinars.

They created some decent commissions, like this…


I also took a look at my BizWeb eGazette advertising clients.

3 of 4 advertisers who paid me the most in 2014 were also using webinars.

It all adds up really.

Webinars generate serious profits online.

In any niche.

Have you ever considered using webinars in your online business?

If not, you need to. And today I have some revealing info from a webinar expert.

He’s helped countless entrepreneurs get started making money with webinars.

I asked Casey what my gazette readers who are new to webinars needed to know. He let me share the following excerpt from his new PDF…

“First off, even a terrible webinar can produce a profit…”

“The truth is, I never made any money or sales online, until I started using webinars in my business. However, here’s the funny thing– the first webinar I ever did was terrible, it was awful, it completely bombed. I remember sitting at the desk in the back trailer of the house where I was staying, and it was in the middle of winter. Not only was it howling outside from the wind, but there was a heater, blasting just as loud as the hair dryer, and all I had with me was an old Macbook Pro and a pretty dodgy wireless connection.”

“I had struck this awesome deal with a very successful marketer to promote the event, but it was happening while we were on vacation in Iowa, and this marketer had a much bigger list than me! So we were actually able to get about 400 people to this event which was incredible, it was mind-boggling to me.”

“It was my first experience with this and I was sweating bullets, I was stammering, I was stuttering; I couldn’t collect my train of thought at all. I went on tangents and had terrible-quality audio; it was literally the built-in microphone from my Macbook, and the internet cut out about seven times while I was doing the webinar.”

“But here’s the deal with all I’ve said about my first webinar: when I finally pitched my product, I made $2,000.00 in sales. $2,000.00 from only doing an hour’s worth of work, that’s a lot of money, right? But here’s the thing, $2,000.00 is alright, but technically, that’s only $5.00 earning per attendee. You see, there were 400 people on, and I sold 10 units of a product I was selling for $197.00 so I made $2,000.00.”

“Now there are only a few elements you need to do to add an additional zero to your earnings. One of those things is to get personal. This is where you want to start to talk about your story, your personal struggle and how it relates to this event and webinar.”

“You see, part of selling is connecting on a heart-level to your audience and this is exactly what your story does. Now oftentimes, people think just to breeze right through this part of it, but honestly, I want you to start thinking about taking your time.”

“Yes, you might get pressure from some attendees asking you to get to the good stuff in the event, but don’t give into that pressure because those people are not ever going to buy from you. All they want is your content; while the people that will buy from you are the ones that connect with you on a personal level and want to hear your story.”

“For instance, my story is how I went from a broke actor to a failed mortgage broker to creating a successful six figure online business by building around my terms, passions and goals through the power of online webinars and events. So this is how they get to know you more.”

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