How I Converted a Stagnant Sales Page Into Massive Viral Traffic 

 November 16, 2018

By  Jim Daniels

Every online marketer has a few sales pages that simply do not convert well.

Whether it’s the product, the market, the price or any other reason. Some sales pages just don’t convert as well as others.

Rather than spend countless hours tweaking and testing, or worse, giving up, today I’ll show you a way to convert the sales page into viral traffic – with one button.

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OK, let’s get started.

So how in the world is it possible to covert a lagging sales page into viral traffic by just adding a button to it?

Well, let me first show you how I did just that.

Here’s one of my sales pages for a product I released a few years ago…

It did pretty well when I released it but over time the sales have declined.

While I still see occasional sales from the page, they are few and far between.

So I decided to try a little experiment.

Below my regular order button, I added a new ZippoPay button that looks like this…

ZippoPay is a new (payment?) system just released this week.

This button gives visitors a way to get the product without paying cash.

Instead, they pay with “leads”.

When they click that button at my sales page, they are taken to a checkout page that explains how to get my product for free.

In order to get the product, they simply share the URL with three people (I chose 3 but you can set it to as many leads as you want) and then the product is theirs.

So does it work?

Well, you be the judge. Less than 48 hours after adding the button to the page my ZippoPay stats reported 76 button clicks and 14 checkouts.

And here’s the interesting part….

Not only does each one of the checkouts becomes a subscriber — if even half of those share the page with 3 others, that’s 21 more opt-in subscribers.

Multiple that by 30 days, 365 days, etc., well, you get the picture. It’s hands-free viral traffic, opt-in subscribers and sales.

All from a single sales page that was pretty much stagnant.

After this quick sponsor message I’ll show you the steps to adding this button to any of your own pages. (As well as a way to use this system if you have NO sales pages.)

OK, so here’s a quick rundown on how to do what I did using ZippoPay…

Step 1: Get a ZippoPay account here.

This will cost you a one time payment of $20. (That’s the price as of the day I’m writing this.)

Step 2: Log into your ZippoPay account and add a product.

If you sell any digital products online that are not performing as well as you’d hoped (who isn’t!) then add the product to your ZippoPay account. It takes about 5 minutes.

(And if you do NOT have a product of your own to sell, you can simply use the product included with every ZippoPay account.)

Step 3: Paste the ZippoPay code on your sales page.

That’s it. You are done.

Of course you’ll need some traffic to the page to get the ball rolling, but inside your ZippoPay account you’ll find lots of clever ways to get traffic that converts. Take advantage of that free info!

And I almost forgot, you get a free ZippoPay Marketplace listing as well, so that’s an opportunity for even more traffic.

As for me, I’ll be adding a ZippoPay button to all my under-performing sales pages. Hey, anytime I find an easy to use tool that passively grows my business, I’m all over it!

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