The Tricks to Cashing in with PLR 

 November 17, 2020

By  Jim Daniels

Have you ever bought a product with resale rights, only to let it sit on your hard drive collecting dust?

Today I want to show you how the insiders do just the opposite — they convert it into cold, hard cash literally overnight.

While I still write most of my own content, I’m only one person. And if you’re in business online like I am, you know that there’s one thing you always needs more of… and that’s time.

There are so many tasks you have to complete in online business. Creating content is just one of them. Anywhere that you can shave off some time and retain the quality of your products is beneficial. That’s why I blend in products created by others, by buying the rights to them.

And you can add too, if you do two things correctly…

1. You need to know how to use it properly, as I’ll explain today.

2. You need to use only high-quality content, unlike most of the stuff floating around the web.

So what exactly is resale rights products and what’s the best way to use it?

Simply put, it is content that is written once and sold to multiple buyers.

Those buyers then have the ability to sell the content as if they had created it themselves. If the product also comes with Private Label Rights (PLR) then it can also be changed, repackaged and more.

You can find resale rights content in virtually every niche online by searching for the niche keyword plus “resale right content.”

There are many different types of content and products that you can buy. You can buy articles, blog posts, email autoresponders, eBooks, reports, videos, software and more.

Before you buy resale content, make sure you check the terms of usage. Everyone has different rules. Some will let you break up the content (like breaking up an eBook into dozens of blog posts) and some won’t. Some have rules about where you can use it and some don’t. Typically, the rules aren’t so rigid, but you just need to check before you buy.

Fast Action Is The Secret to Success with Resale Rights Products

As I mentioned at the outset of this article, the real secret when buying resale rights products is to take action right away. Unzip the file and get to work.

It’s too east to get in the habit of buying a lot of content and never allowing it to get online where it can work to help you earn sales and commissions. That’s the biggest mistake most people make — they never use the content!!

When acquiring products with rights, the trick is to immediately evaluate everything thoroughly (read the text, listen to the audio, watch the videos) and then put together a plan for what you want to do with it.

While you can and should use some of the content for blog posts and articles, the best way to make money is to personalize it into your own product. You do that by organizing it into a “course” that takes your customer from the beginning through to the end of the task the material teaches.

If your new content right allow (PLR allows the most), take time to edit the content as needed, especially if the content is dated. (You don’t want to be telling people about MySpace or other antiquated platforms.) Once the content is 100% relevant, replace any affiliate links with your own links.

Then personalize it to brand it as your own. You do that by creating a new title for the product, and putting your name on it as the author. You can also put your picture on the product for more branding.

You should do this not only inside the work on the title page, but also on the “exterior”. By that, I mean getting a 3D ecover made up with your new title and your name as the author. You can do this in about two minutes if you’re using PLR like this.

Once you have your new product completed, you can start selling it, giving part of it away to grow your opt-in list and even getting affiliates sell for you. You can set up joint ventures with other marketers, now that you have your own product.

If your own email list is still small, you can return the favor of your JV partner’s solo mailing, by buying a solo for them from a 3rd party solo email provider. Even if you break even money wise, you’ll be growing your own list and customer base for future product releases.

Remember, when you’re using resale rights products you can release a product every month or two!

Many people think that resale rights products are junk, but this could not be further from the truth. There is plenty of great stuff out there if you look hard enough. In fact, the article you are reading right now started as a PLR article that I personalized as my own. It saved me a few hours when writing this today’s newsletter!

And that’s the other great thing about resale rights products — you can re-purpose it again and again!

You could take an eBook, for example, and turn it into several short reports, dozens of blog posts or articles, and even put them into an email autoresponder! You can hire a voiceover talent at fiverr.com and have an audio book created. Or, you can go a step further and have the content transformed into training videos.

If you are looking to grow a business using PLR, I highly recommend this package from my fellow Air Force veteran Steven Alvey. It allows for fast customization and the quality is above and beyond what you typically find online…

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  • Jim
    That’s a good rundown you’ve given. I’d like to add that there’s also another dimension to resell rights, aside from master resell rights, and that’s to take a PLR product, re-purpose it as you have described, and then sell resell rights to that.
    It provides another string to the bow.

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  • Outstanding article, Jim. I’m going right to the order page.

    When Jim Daniels speaks, the Internet world listens!

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