My 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins of 2021 

 May 13, 2021

By  Jim Daniels

WordPress plugins take literally seconds to install and usually just a few minutes to configure. And they can do all sorts of cool things.

There are free plugins, and there are premium plugins available for a nominal fee.

You can find literally thousands of plugins at the WordPress Plugin Directory, and also within your WordPress admin area itself.

But rather than send you on a wild goose chase for the best WordPress plugins for Internet marketers, I’ll share my Top 10 favorite plugins of 2021 here today.

I’ve personally used all of these plugins and they help me save time, make money and even give me peace of mind.

If you see one you want to try, just click the link.

OK, on with the list…

#1: WordFence Security

This peace of mind plugin is an anti-virus, firewall and malware scan plugin rolled into one. It is probably my favorite plugin of all time. It keeps my WordPress sites safe from hackers and even alerts me to whenever I need to update any other plugin.

#2: Classic Editor

Recent WordPress core updates have introduced the Gutenberg Block Editor. While more powerful that the previous way to make posts and pages, in my opinion it is far less intuitive and the learning curve is higher. The Classic Editor plugin lets you use the previous classic editor instead, and it installs in a few clicks.

#3: WP Social Contact

I’ve used a lot of contact form plugins to build simple “contact us” pages at my sites, including Contact Form 7. But this beginner-friendly WordPress contact plugin called WP Social Contact is my new favorite. It gives your visitors multiple ways to contact you without having to use a boring old contact form .

#4: Viper Cache

I stumbled upon this slick plugin when I started offering 100% done for you blogs. One of the sites was loading slowly so I needed a plugin to fix the problem. I installed Viper Cache and the site loaded in 2 seconds flat. Remember, Google loves fast sites so this plugin can help your ranking!

#5: WP Statistics

This little plugin gives you lots of traffic stats without any setup work. Just add the plugin and activate it and it starts capturing and displaying your traffic info right at your dashboard.

#6: One-Click Video Site Builder

This is another plugin I add to all my clients’ blogs. It creates monetized video posts with one click. It can even schedule future posts. It’s my favorite way to add videos to my website, with affiliate links or ads right below every video — all automatically.

#7: Funnel-in-a-Plugin

The plugin instantly sets up a funnel that will grow your email list and your affiliate commissions. It takes all the work out of setting up a funnel! I loved it so much I had the creator set up a special deal for my readers. 🙂

#8: Redirection
This is one of my favorite plugins of all time. It finds your 404 error links and lets you set up a quick redirection. It also can be used for making quick affiliate redirect links and as a link shortener. Best of all, it’s free!

#9: Thrive Architect

Build beautiful, modern sales pages, opt-in pages and more. This plugin comes with a giant collection of pre-built templates. You just load a pre-built page with a few clicks and customize as needed. This tool was largely responsible for generating five figures in sales for one of my recent product launches. (See this page for an example of what you can build with Thrive.)

#10: OneSignal
Integrates the awesome (and free!) OneSignal platform for pushing your posts out via browser or smartphone notifications.

There you have it. My Top 10 favorite plugins of 2021… try them you’ll love them!

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