Snowstorm Home Video 

 March 14, 2018

By  Jim Daniels

Well, my electricity just came back on.

It’s been going on and off the last couple days as crews repair the lines.

We got a solid 20 inches of snow here in Ct from this last Nor’Easter. (The third one in the last 10 days!)

I took this quick video with my phone as the storm was winding down:

When it comes to video, I’m a wiz with my phone. But I’m completely incompetent with video software.

That’s why I bought this video creation app.

Video Robot lets you create and edit videos in seconds.

You can use them for your business or sell them to other business.

Come see how much businesses pay for these videos…

OK, gotta run. Lots of emails to answer before the power goes out again!

Jim Daniels

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  • You have had a lot of snow. i liked the way you linked your video to the Video Robot Product which is quite amazing.

  • And you gave me a hard time about the snow in Minnesota? What goes around, comes around!
    We are currently having a heat wave here and almost all snow is gone. enjoy while you can.

    • Lol, please send that heat wave East Randy, so we have it next week. I have a new golf club just dying to get played!

  • Just call it a Nor’easter Winter.
    Thanks for info and samples of VideoRobot. Its a product well above most I’ve seen lately !!

    • You said it John! And I’m glad you like Video Robot. I’ve seen a lot of similar products that just didn’t deliver, but this one is my favorite!

  • Marion Gibson says:

    I live in Ontario, Canada and at present our snow is very little, but we certainly looked like that earlier in the year, and January was very cold. The best thing is that at this time of year we know it isn’t going to last much longer!!!

  • Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    Feeling embarassed – we had a bit of snow in London (UK) a few weeks ago and we really complained – clearly we got off lightly!

    • Yeah, March was a long one for us here in New England. 3 Nor’easters and about 4 feet of snow total. It’s almost all melted now though!

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