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Funnel #1

This sales page follows a simple structure: for every feature in your product (or for every chapter in your info-product), create one of these sections.

Each sections consists of an image that visualizes the feature or chapter and some text that explains the benefit that this feature or chapter delivers to the customer.


Funnel #2

If you aren't an experienced copywriter, one of the easiest ways to write copy is to think about your product's features and translate them into benefits.

That's what this entire sales page is based on. Think about the major features of your product and for each one, ask yourself: "what's the end result that this feature delivers to my customer? Why is this important for my customer?"


Funnel #3

The answer to the above questions frames each element in your product as a benefit - and that's what readers will respond to. Create one such section for each major feature or chapter in your product.

There's no rule about the "right" number of features to advertise like this. Test a very long list against a shorter list that only advertises highlights in your product.

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