Picture Day 

 February 14, 2019

By  Jim Daniels

Rather than writing a newsletter today, I decided to share some pictures I took recently here in New England.

Please bear in mind, I’m about two ranks below amateur photographer. In fact, these are all quick shots I took with my Android phone.

By the way, if you like any of these you are welcome to use them, I hereby grant you royalty-free rights.

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OK, on with my pics, I hope you enjoy them…


My old Yellow Dog looking at the Christmas lights, wishing he was inside!


Interesting Ice formation at Pachaug State Forest.


Tall evergreens at Pachaug Forest Ct.


Winter stream just above freezing


Rhododendron leaves drooping to stay warm



Pastel sunset over Connecticut farmland


Stained glass window at a Vermont Airbnb


Happy mushroom on a CT hiking trail


Selfie with my playing partner in a deep bunker


Cold crisp afternoon at Fishers Island CC in NY

I hope you enjoyed my quick picture day. It saved me some time writing and it was kinda fun.

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    • Hi Jean, we’ve had an unusually small amount of snow this year in southern New England. The only deep snow I’ve seen was from our trip to Vermont, where they had a foot or so. I’m hoping the trend continues as I’m ready for Spring!

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