Do You Know The Pete and Re-Pete Riddle? 

 January 16, 2017

By  Jim Daniels

If you have little kids or grandkids, they’ll love this riddle…

“Pete and Re-Pete were sitting on a fence.”

“Pete fell off, who’s left?”

Their Answer: Re-Pete.

So you ask again…

“Pete and Re-Pete were sitting on a fence.”

“Pete fell off, who’s left?”


Pete and Re-Pete were… well, you get the idea.

My kids would last about a dozen repeats.

Which brings me to my Affiliate Marketing “Re-Pete” story.

It’s no secret that 95% of affiliate marketers fail online.

Most people are simply too busy working to make a serious go of affiliate marketing. They simply don’t have the time it takes to do affiliate marketing right.

They can’t buy product after product, review them all, weed out the garbage then write effective campaigns for the top programs.

So they make this fatal mistake:

They start a site with the best intentions to review lots of products. They do a few written or video reviews and they’re surprised at how long it actually takes. They spend literally hours on each review.

Then after a week or two they check in on their commissions…

The result: $0 commissions

So they figure maybe they are in the wrong niche or they need better products. They know it’s not working so they move on to another niche and start all over again.

They basically “Re-Pete” their mistakes over and over!

What they don’t realize is that they don’t need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to affiliate marketing. Especially if they are in the Internet marketing niche.

Why re-invent the wheel when there are plenty of great reviews for great Internet Marketing products already available.

After all, inventors go broke. Copycats get rich.

Here’s an example…

I’ll bet you recognize these names from history…

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Charles Goodyear
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • The Wright Brothers

All world-famous inventors, right?

Without a doubt. They all made invaluable contributions to further the human race.

All millionaires, right?


They all pretty much went broke.

Heck, even the guy who created the first commercially available portable computer went bankrupt.

His name was Adam Osborne. Look him up.

So – who makes all the money?

The copycats.

That’s right, the richest business people almost NEVER try to invent new stuff. They take something that is already selling and put their own spin on it.

This is true in Internet marketing as well. Most of the people making serious bank are copycats.

Now I’m NOT say you should just steal someone’s website and product. But…

If you want faster, easier income, I urge you to simply COPY WHAT WORKS.

Heck, COPY ME if you want to… just download this list of my top 100 affiliate marketing products and all my promotional materiel for them.

That download makes it point and click simple to copy me.

Before you give up on affiliate marketing as a way to pay the bills, try my affiliate marketing shortcut.

It’s a way you can get to the next level without doing all that work.

Who knows, this may be all you need to start making a full-time living in your spare time too!

It certainly beats re-peeting your mistakes over and over.

Jim Daniels JDD Publishing

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  • Hi, Jim
    I really enjoyed reading your Peat and Repeat
    We used this a lot when the kids were little and
    they loved it. Just as silly (but fun)one of my daughters
    favorite ones : How do you catch a unique animal?
    Unique up on it. Okayyyyy.

    PS : also bought your affiliate marketing swipe file
    book – but don’t hold that against me , ok.

  • I just picked up a copy of your swipe file and couldn’t wait to dive in. Immediately after opening and simply skimming over it, I found 2 products I was actually contemplating over the last several days whether to promote or not. 2 minutes in and already found 2 golden nuggets. Thanks for this Jim.

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