Are You Thinking Out of the Box? 

 September 28, 2018

By  Jim Daniels

I’ve witnessed many successes over my 20+ years of helping people do business online.

I’ve also witnessed many people try and try, but never quite make it online.

One of the main reasons most people do not make it is they fail once or twice and eventually stop trying.

Maybe they start to build a website with the best intentions but it never gets off the ground.

They come back a year or two later and try a business opportunity that looks impressive, but it also never gets them anywhere.

This happens on and off through the years and they are left with little to show for their efforts.

If this describes you or someone you know, maybe it’s time to start thinking out the box.

Forget about building a large project such as an e-commerce website, or creating something that take too much time to bring to fruition. Instead, why not try some small scale projects and see if you can get some small success.

You can build on small successes and before you know it you may have something sustainable.

Lets think out the box for a minute. 

Perhaps you have a favorite hobby or pastime. Whatever it is, I’m guessing there are thousands or perhaps millions of others who share this same interest.

Now I know what you’re thinking. That I’m going to recommend you write an ebook or make a membership site about that topic.

While that can get you results, it may take you too much time. That means you may give up before reaching the level of success you’re after.

Again, we’re going out the box today.

Why not create something FAST and SIMPLE such as a journal for yourself and your fellow pastime enthusiasts?

A journal is easy to create since you don’t do the writing. The journal user does it!

You just put together a cover, some “almost” blank pages and maybe some quotes. Then you upload it to Amazon!

When people buy it, Amazon takes the order, prints it and ships it out. You simply collect your share of the proceeds as the author.

Sound interesting?

Here’s a fellow who does this and will show you how step-by-step.

I just got access to his program and watched all his training videos. I was amazed that the entire process of creating and uploading a journal can be done in about a half hour. And I was even more surprised that it can be done using free tools online.

Considering you need about 30 minutes to create and upload a journal for sale at Amazon, imagine how many you can create in a month or a year!

Now that’s thinking out of the box.

Each journal you create is a mini-success and a building block. That means you’re systematically creating a scale-able business that can grow over the coming weeks, months and years.

This works in virtually any niche, as there are thousands of eager consumers waiting for new journals in any market you can think of — from hobbies to sports, self-help, diet, Internet marketing, recipes and well, you name it!

What are you waiting for? Christmas? Well, a journal about Christmas would be a great idea… maybe a 10 year shopping list journal so you never buy the same gift for the same person twice!

Oh I’m sorry, I’m digressing, but this video series is so good and building a journal business would be awesome for so many of my readers.

Apart from the course cost, you won’t spend a penny to run this business. That’s because there’s…

– No proofreading.

– No covers to outsource.

– No content to write.

Come see if it’s something you want to try…

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