4 AM Puppy Wake-Up Call 

 May 28, 2021

By  Jim Daniels

I’m writing this blog post at 4:44 AM. I haven’t been up this early in years.

The reason I’m up so early is that we got a new puppy.

After our beloved Yellow Lab passed away last July, we decided to go without a dog for a while. But after being without canine companion for almost a year, we couldn’t stand it any longer.

There’s just something about having a dog in your family that makes everything more fun.

So we found a wonderful new household member and brought home Ziggy last week. Ziggy is a 9 week old Bernedoodle, and he’s a silly bundle of energy.

(I forgot how much work traning a dog is, but it’s fun and rewarding.)

Anyway, my days of sleeping to 8AM are over for the foreseeable future. But that means I can get a lot more work done while Ziggy naps!

Working from home really has its benefits, especially for dog owners.

I even got a chance to sit through a few hours of a really good income training program here.

In the videos, Kenny details how he offers two specific services to small businesses affected by the recent downturn in the economy.

And the way he structures the offer makes it virtually impossible for them to say no.

But perhaps the best part is how he gets paying customers for free from the US government.

(I completely understood how he hated to part with that secret.)

This is some of the how-to training I’ve seen in years. And is method will help lots of people grow their post-pandemic income.

In fact, he turned his method into a $25,000 Per Month income stream in perhaps the worst economy in our lifetime!

Anyway, I’m logged into his member area watching the steps right now.

He shows you exactly how to:

  • Get serious monetary results fast
  • Do it all without an email list
  • ​Do it without hard selling to anyone
  • Get all the buyers for free from the U.S. Gov
  • Use his method with copy-paste simplicity

This works whether you’re brand new or you’ve been trying a while.

It’s a great way to help local businesses recover, and a great way to make bank doing it.

Check out Crisis Code here.

Ziggy is up from his nap, time for me to do some training of my own!

Jim Daniels

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