Is Kindle Publishing For You? 

 November 3, 2017

By  Jim Daniels

Whether you are a writer or not, you may be able to profit from Amazon’s burgeoning ebook platform. Today I’d like to show you why you should give this serious consideration. Right after this quick sponsor message…

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Introduction to Kindle Publishing

E-readers like the Kindle, the Kindle Fire, the Barnes and Noble Nook and others have really taken the marketplace by storm. Sales of these devices have increased greatly since they first burst onto the scene a few years back.

Along with these readers, the number of authors who publish ebooks has also grown substantially. In fact some experts think that the ebook readers like the Kindle will eventually put most hardcover books out of existence entirely.

This is debatable, but at the same time there is no denying the growth of ebooks. In fact, there is a huge growth opportunity for those who wish to make money as Kindle publisher. (Yes, even non-writers are profiting on this platform, which I’ll explain more on in a minute.)

The growth of the Kindle marketplace is only increasing. In addition to e-readers, millions of people now use the Kindle app on their iphones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. Via the app they purchased and download ebooks from their Amazon account and read them right on their devices.

But before you consider venturing into e-publishing, you need to consider whether ebooks will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. All evidence points to a yes, and there are many reasons why this is the platform of choice for many content marketers…

In addition to the fact that eBooks save trees, eBooks can be published much quicker than traditional print books. Writers do not need to work with an agent. They simply need to work with an eBook platform provider like Amazon Direct Publishing and the rest is done for them.

This means that information gets to readers faster than when waiting for printed books to be placed on bookshelves.

Ebooks reach out to a wider audience. Because people do not need to wait for a physical book to be handed out to them, eBook authors are able to expand their base of readers. With the billions of Internet users, eBooks will find their way to different demography.

In addition to reaching out to users across multiple locations at once, the features of eBooks can also be changed to fit the needs of its readers. An example would be the visually disabled or impaired. At times, eBooks come with Audio Books which allow almost everyone to be able to read.

EBooks are more economic. Notice how a book can be more expensive as it thickens? EBooks provide enough storage capacity at a lesser price. Besides that, the ability of an author to include multimedia information is made easier.

Ebooks pay higher royalties. On the author’s side, royalties are revenues. With eBooks, authors are assured of their livelihood from the ideas they write about.

EBooks motivate experience and novice writers alike. In contrast to the historical stigma of not being published for some reasons, individuals who can write can now see their works published less the fear of their manuscripts getting declined.

There is no doubt about it, as a Kindle publisher you will have a huge market that may purchase your content. But what if you’re not a writer? Can you still make money on this growing platform?


In fact, I know many “publishers” who write very little yet earn passive income from Kindle ebooks. For example, a fellow by the name of Stefan Pylarinos is making a cool $10k/month in passive income while others do all the heavy lifting.

Basically, writers create Kindle ebooks for him for $22/each and he uploads a few each week to Amazon. He already has 100 of these books he didn’t write, making him monthly residuals of over $10k/mo.

The trick is in picking the right topics, and he shows you how he does it in his Kindle Money Mastery program.

As you can see from is example, with the power of the Internet and eBooks, even the person who considers himself an unlikely author may end up becoming a celebrated writer. So with these benefits, let us move on the mechanics of getting published.

Why Publish on Amazon Kindle Direct?

There are a lot of companies out there who offer eBook writing platforms. However, Amazon Direct Publishing is leading the race. Here’s why…

Fresh Audience

Each day, Amazon is taking in new members who take advantage of the lending services it offers. Your eBook could be one of those that people will be looking for. With the saturation of titles in specific literary genres, your eBook might just be what people are looking for to get new perspectives about certain subjects. Imagine how your work will be exposed to different minds as they absorb your ideas and use it to learn, to be entertained, or to be inspired.

Higher Royalties

Up to 70% of royalties can be paid to you if your eBook gets significant sales from customers.

Book Promotion

Some authors do not have the freedom to promote their books because of contract limitations. With Amazon’s platform, eBook authors can promote their free eBooks in a manner they like through a tool called Promotions Manager. Although eBook authors can only promote their free work, they get a chance to start reaching out to people by making a name. The next eBook is likely to do even better than the first as one’s reputation grows.

Feedback Management

This very useful benefit offers eBook writers to change for the better. There are a lot of feedback types that writers can learn from as readers comment about content, style, and almost everything they can think about. Apart from that, eBook authors will also be able to get their share of commendation for the best qualities in their book or their skill in writing. Good feedback leads to more sales and your royalties can really increase when people start reviewing your material in a positive light.

In Closing…

Kindle is a good business model to add to your online marketing efforts for several reasons.

As you grow your line of books and series on Kindle, you can publish your book using your vision – and get paid quickly for your efforts. You don’t get that same option with traditional publishing, where it becomes about someone else’s vision.

Kindle publishing can create a stream of passive income for as long as your book is for sale. Heck, you don’t even need to write your own books if you don’t want to. Just use the strategy Stefan Pylarinos is using.

Kindle publishing can help brand you as an expert and lead to other opportunities that leverage your expertise, like joint ventures with others in your niche, and even speaking engagements.

Using Kindle to self-publish fiction or non-fiction books can fulfill your dreams, help you increase your income, and grow your self-employment opportunities with virtually no limits!

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