5 Mental Mistakes That Kept Me Just Over Broke 

 April 24, 2020

By  Jim Daniels

Do you or someone you know wish you had more money?

Maybe a nice financial cushion for peace of mind, or just some extra spending money each month?

As someone who lived paycheck to paycheck for many years, I know that lifestyle can be stressful.

Maybe the information I’m about to share with you, will change things for you or someone you know who’s struggling.

Once you know these five obstacles almost all self-made financial successes have had to overcome at one point or another, you’ll be on your way…

I was affected by every one of those mistakes until about age 32. Until then I held lots of jobs including dishwasher, lawn mowing, cleaning, telephone repair and more.  Some jobs I liked, others not so much. None of them really paid very well.

It wasn’t until started experimenting with the some of my “beliefs” that I’m about to share, that I started earning six figures a year. That was about 24 years ago. I proved to myself that the right mindset can change everything.

Now don’t get me wrong. I understand that it’s more difficult for some people to rise up the financial ladder than others.

There are lots of factors that hold people in poverty, including illness, poor education, lack of opportunity, etc.

But understanding these common mistakes of less financially secure individuals, and simply experimenting with changing them can make a huge difference in almost anyone’s ability to earn.

I know, because I was directly affected by ALL of the things you’re about to read.

I changed my mindset, and went on to earn a comfortable living with my own online business.

Today I challenge you to ask yourself if any of these apply to you or someone you want to help. And if so, what are you or they willing to do to change them…

1. Not Accepting Help From People Who’ve Made It

You know that old saying… Birds of a feather flock together? Well it is true in financial circles as well. Many low income earners only hang out with and network with other people who are of the same or similar income as them. It’s their comfort zone.

They rarely if ever actively seek out other people who are significantly wealthier than them. They even sometimes do the opposite, they avoid them and even shun them.

Most people who become high income earners do the opposite. They come out of their comfort zone, and consistently befriend and learn from others who are doing better than them financially. In the process, many are surprised to discover just how willing the people they considered “snobs” are to help them.

When I was stuck in one of my 9-5 grinds I sought out advice from a mortgage company owner I was doing some phone system work for. He was happy to share some pearls of wisdom that changed my outlook on many of the things you’re reading about in this issue.

One of them is covered in the next tip…

2. Avoidance of Hard Work

People who become top earners are usually willing to do whatever is necessary to reach their goals, including things that seem like a lot of work. The fact is, even huge tasks can be separated into small steps that can be completed one at a time.

People with true potential to become big earners recognize this and immediately start breaking down big ideas into achievable steps. This “no-fear” trait can result in positive advances at virtually every level, from minimum wage workers to self-employed individuals.

The simple fact is, if you want to make great strides in life, you need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work long, hard hours. The time will come later when you can reap the rewards for all your hard work.

Which brings me back to my mentor at that mortgage company.

I’ll never forget the 15 minute conversation we had, even though I thought it seemed insignificant at the time.

The conversation started simply enough with him asking me if I got much overtime. When I said I tried to avoid it, he looked surprised. He asked me what my goals with the company were, and I admitted I had none. It made me think about setting some.

I started that week to accept after hours service calls and late night system upgrades. Within a year I was managing the service department. That lead to learning about computers, and eventually to my own business online. Had I continued to avoid extra work, I may still be doing the same job to this day.

3. Talking About Plans Instead of Taking Action

How many people do you know who are constantly saying “I’m going to do this, and I’m going to do that”. How many of those things to they actually DO.

Financially independent people are DO’ers. Instead of saying what they’re going to do, they jump in and start doing it. When their tasks are completed on a regular basis, they accomplish great things over time.

Most people who become wealthy through their own ambition recognize that time is their most important asset and a very scarce resource. They do not waste their precious time talking about what they are going to do. They take action and DO IT step by step — while the “sayers” are sitting in front of a TV watching soap operas or endless hours of reality shows.

Don’t waste your time watching others. Be your own reality show.

4. Unorganization and Procrastination

While there are some people who’ve become wealthy despite lack of organization they are in the minority. The fact is, most people who go on to earn the big bucks, whether with their own company or as an employee, know how to get things done.

They break big projects down to specific tasks. They keep lists and set deadlines for each task to be completed. They don’t constantly put things off.

When they have a job to do they roll up their sleeves and jump right in without delay. Even if they’re simply delegating the job to someone else, they give immediate, concise directions and follow up with progress regularly.

5. Not Using “Leverage”

People who get things done know how to use the power of leverage to achieve maximum results with minimum efforts. They understand how to leverage money as well as people, such as employees or affiliates.

Big achievements are not accomplished by one person, even though one person sometimes reaps the bulk of the credit or financial gain.

Think about it. Did Steve Jobs write all the code that makes an Apple computer run? Did he put ipads together himself? Of course not! Every successful person finds ways to leverage their time and money.

In online business, you can get low cost leverage from private label rights products, from your affiliates, and from specialists at places like fiverr.com. You can also use tools such as viral eCourses.

In closing…

I personally was affected by every one of those negative traits until about age 32. I’m still guilty of a few of them from time to time. (I watch too many youtube videos!)

I’ve had lots of jobs over those years including dishwasher, lawn mowing, cleaning, telephone repair and more. Some of the jobs I liked, some I didn’t. None of them paid very well.

It wasn’t until started experimenting with those traits above, that I started earning six figures a year. That was about 24 years ago. The right mindset can change everything.

I hope you find a trait or two in today’s post, that you can experiment with changing!

See ya in a few weeks…
Jim Daniels

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