How Internet Marketing Gives Seniors An Edge Over Offline Jobs 

 August 19, 2016

By  Jim Daniels

If you get my regular emails, you know what happened to me this week. I unofficially joined the rank of senior citizen.

Here’s how it happened…

While on vacation in North Carolina, we stopped in for lunch at a restaurant called Fatz and I was handed a special menu.

For seniors.


Granted, I’ll be 52 next month, but I had no idea I was already a senior.

But according to Fatz, anyone over 50 is, and I got my chicken fried chicken for just $7.99. (That eased my pain quite a bit.)

And it got me thinking. The world wide web is also aging. And along with it, the Internet Marketing world now has literally millions of seniors.

In this issue of BizWeb eGazette I want to talk about that some more. If you’re a senior or getting close to it, this should interest you…

How Internet Marketing Gives Seniors An Edge Over Offline Jobs

Many seniors today are eager to start their own business or continue their careers even after retirement. They’re no longer content to become inactive – nor can most afford to completely retire.

If you’re considering an offline job or business after retirement, think instead about the Internet and all the career paths it offers. More seniors are turning to the Internet because it’s profitable, you can set up your business at home and set your own hours.

That gives you the ability to have cash in your pocket for some luxuries rather than necessities. It also gives you the freedom to travel or take time off to play with the grandkids or spend time with friends and family.

Here are six reasons why online trumps offline for seniors who want to keep earning…

  • The Internet doesn’t discriminate against age as some offline employers do. You can even use a pen name for your websites and other communication if you don’t want to put your real information out there.
  • You can work in any niche that appeals to you or that you may have developed skills in from another job. This can also appeal to other marketers who may use you as a freelancer to gather information about the niche.
  • People are purchasing more products online than offline. It’s a convenient way to shop and your advertising will reach far more of the global population than typical paper and media advertisements that you pay a premium for.
  • It’s easier to monitor your online marketing efforts versus offline methods. And you can change your ads or methods of getting your product known immediately and without great costs involved.
  • The use of email marketing to your online customers is also a better and more profitable way to market rather than flyers or other means of offline communication – and emails don’t cost more than a monthly fee in some cases.

As you build your business or keep active by accepting online jobs, you’ll learn more about how to make your efforts more profitable. Every day is a learning day on the ‘net. Things change so fast that it’s imperative to keep up with what’s going on – especially in your own niche.

Use Internet marketing as a method to not only supplement your retirement income, but to also learn new things and keep your mind active and focused. It offers many benefits beyond monetary.

But let’s face it, money is the number one reason anyone gets into online marketing. So let’s talk about that for a minute…

Part Time Work for Full Time Pay Helps Seniors Make Ends Meet

More seniors are discovering the benefits of working part time to supplement their inadequate incomes. They’re also finding that working part time can equal the full time pay they used to enjoy at a job.

Despite the 401Ks and IRAs seniors may have set aside as they worked for a company, they’re finding it’s still not enough to live comfortably when they retire. Many seniors find themselves at loose ends upon retirement from a company. Medical problems may also loom large, preventing finding or performing a job as they once did. Most have to seek a part time job just to make ends meet.

Using the valuable skills they’ve honed during years of working for the corporate world, seniors have found that even a part time online business can turn into a major boost in earnings.

By utilizing the Internet to set up and build a lucrative online business, seniors can not only make ends meet, but still have time to spend with family or on travel and hobby pursuits.

Starting a new business in your golden years may seem like quite a challenge, but keep in mind that all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. After your business is up and running you can devote as much or as little time as you want to make it a success.

Choosing to use the Internet as a means to make money lets them enjoy the freedom to set their own hours and decide for themselves how much money they want to make.

The sky’s the limit on the money you can make when you become an online entrepreneur. You’re the boss and you decide how much you want to put into the business you’ve created.

Visit online forums and blogs and you’ll likely find nests of seniors who are learning or have already become successful in creating online businesses. Most of these entrepreneurs are happy to help others become successful, too.

And keep in mind you don’t need a lot of money to begin your business. Paying for the Internet connection and a domain and hosting are pretty much all you need to get started.

Beware of those online scams that offer pie in the sky opportunities and promise overnight success. Check them out and ask for advice on blogs or government watch dog sites.

If you decide you want to take a shot at earning online, pick up a copy of my step by step web business course. It details every step you need to take to make a go of it. In a nutshell, it shares everything I do to make my own living online.

After all, I’m apparently a senior myself!

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About Jim

I gave up a life of jobs in 1996. Since then I've been earning a living online.

I write books, create software, license info-products, affiliate marketing, build membership sites, design websites and more.

I prefer this over my old lifestyle of getting up early, commuting to work, coming home to have a few hours for my family and living for the weekends. Now every day is a weekend. I work when I want and answer to no boss.

  • 52 isn’t what it was 20 years ago. You’ve got a long way to go.

    • Thanks Linda, that’s comforting. I look forward to ordering a lot more senior specials!

  • I to am in that age group and need to get off my ass and make some extra money for retirement

    • Hi Doug. I’ll be sharing some more info like this in upcoming issues, so be sure to read them all!

  • Hey Jim, thanks for sharing and yes I ordered that package of PLR from Tiffany Lambert (Internet Marketing For Seniors. Lots of good content for my blog

    • My pleasure. I ordered it to. Great stuff. As you can see from this issue above, I combined two of her articles to make this blog post. 😉

  • I have enjoyed your course ezWebBusinessBuilder2. I ordered your course a few days ago. It has really helped me understand the art of making money in an online business. Thanks For the help.

  • Money can be nice, Jim, but the health benefits are more important. Many people stop living after retirement and just fade away and die. Continuing to have a “job” (yes, online, too) to keep your mind busy can keep you alive longer… and happier. Thanks, Jim.

    • I couldn’t agree more Mel! In fact, I’m thinking about taking a part time position at a golf course now that my kids are driving and I don’t need to play taxi driver for them anymore!

  • When i turned 50 (in December 1992), my son gave me the current issue of Newsweek, which declared “50 is the new middle age”! Life spans are getting longer and 50 year old are now (in most cases) as fit and active as 35 year olds used to be. Now that I’m approaching 74, I read that SIXtY is the new beginning of middle age! The longer I live, the more I find that I’ve just passed the marker!

    • Ahh… that’s refreshing news! Always something to look forward to! I’ve always said that most people think of old as 20 years older than them. Sounds like that’s true!

  • Hi Jim,
    I just purchased the Senior Business PLR Pack and the up sale. I can see several possibilities of using this to make some extra money. I am 76 years old, living in Vietnam.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Jim
    You are making me feel old now! 😉

    As an even older person, and with poor health, your post is especially relevant. Now I just have to take action instead of talking about 🙁

    Always enjoy your posts

  • Joseph Krush says:

    Jim, YOU, with all your online work, and all your golfing, will NEVER be REALLY old, even if the calendar says that you are 102! As for the rest of us, well, I’m 62, and absolutely HATE all the physical work that I still have to do. However, remember those piano lessons you started when you were in elementary school? Resume them now. I’ve been playing piano since 1960, and organ since 1970, and am still doing it! Just an idea for those of you who are as rich as Jim and don’t REALLY need more money — ha! ha! ha!

  • Hello Jim,

    you are as young as you feel. It is our attitude that determines how we feel. I never grow old. Sure I may have lost a step, but that does not keep me from enjoying life to the fullest.

    You have done a great job with your online business, and are an example for a lot of us to follow. You never got involved with all the money games we see online these days. You build a REAL online biz(web). My hat off to you.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge through your newsletter and emails.



    • Thanks for your kind words Herb. And I love your attitude on aging. I’m going to look at it that way from now on too!

  • Hey Jim

    I was intrigued when I saw you were posting about life as a senior.
    I am trying to get an online income going as I am now 63 and need to get some income coming in after I am no longer working my job.
    This is scary and I really need some guidance to make this a success for my family and future.
    This is an interesting niche to focus on and so am very thankful for the help.
    Look forward to more good news.

    • Hi Walt. I remember when I was starting out online, I was terrified or the first year and even beyond. But if you constantly focus on all the tasks that bring in income, you can have success. That includes growing an audience and email list, and offering them useful content as well as products and services on a regular basis. IF you have not already grabbed that senior PLR pack below, grab it before Tuesday for the dirt cheap firesale price. It has some real gems of wisdom in it for seniors trying to make some money online in their spare time. And I’ll keep the good online business tips coming!

  • Always appreciated your honesty and low level of hype. Humor, too. Thanks

  • Terry Bayles says:

    Seniors now have the ability to reinvent themselves online and create a second, third, or ? career.
    Welcome to the crowd, Jim, and thanks for the tools and coaching you have provided!

  • Great post, great advice, great info! thanks much!

  • Great info as usual Jim.

    Some feel it’s harder now to get started online than years ago. Your articles proves them wrong.

    There’s solid, helpful information, tools and people (such as yourself) available to get anyone with a strong desire for an online biz off on the right foot.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jacque La Mantia says:

    Being a senior baby boomer myself, I LOVE how most of us don’t really think about getting old or being old as previous generations did. We think about what exciting and profitable things we can do next!

    I, too, bought Tiffany Lambert’s PLR package and am getting ready to set up a site to help other seniors find their way in the online world.

    Thanks for the help you provide too, Jim!

  • Hey Jim, I just hit 75 and have been enjoying the last 20 years working at home when I want and as much as I want. Being a senior is great. I just drove back from Florida to New Jersey and got all kind of discounts. Welcome to the senior world and thanks for your great input all these years.
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks Joe! Nice to see you posting here. I remember your homebizlink newsletter from WAY back, I’m talking 1990’s. Great stuff! Hope to see you around here for another twenty years. 😉

    • Your comment raises an interesting point, Joe. Being a 63-year-old semi-retired (I erased the word retired from my vocabulary many years ago, because I’ll NEVER be fully retired as long as I’ve got the physical and mental ability to work for myself) , I’ve had a sideline business since I was in my mid-twenties.
      While I agree that taking advantage of senior discounts and opportunities is nice, it’s even nicer to be able to turn almost all my activities (I’d hope you were able to ‘charge’ the government 57.5 cents per mile you drove between Florida and New Jersey!) in tax deductions. This includes every penny spent on any aspect of health care – premiums, deductibles, co-pays, medications, etc, without any percentage limitations (It’s in Section 105 of the US Tax Code), by knowing how to take advantage of the perfectly legal rules and documentation required.
      The point being that most people have no idea of how much they pay the government in taxes each year (not JUST income tax!) and how much of that money they can keep for themself and to support their business.
      Now that I am not employed, it is important to have the ability to not be dependent upon uncertain Social Security increases, investment income (still catching up from the 2008 crash, which wiped out over $100,000 in investments), and so forth. Especially in a “1% return” world…

  • Its about time someone started telling seniors that they can be successful in online marketing. I AM 74. I am making money, not a whole lot like some of those guys that continually do launches. Besides it keeps my mind active. I just downloaded a free program, CrazyTalk Animator was only free yesterday. I’ll have a lot of fun using it to create something for a splash page.

  • Thanks Jim I just turn 60 and the possibilities of starting an online business as a way to supplement my income seems like a great idea.

  • John Reed says:

    Hi Jim, I’m 71 now and my UK State pension + my Army Pension aren’t enough to pay for a rented home and all the normal costs that go with it. Luckily my wife and I are still together (Golden Anniversary next summer) so our combined pensions just see us through at a minimal level…. But I need to be working Part Time On Line to give us the extra we need to be able to get out and about (and keep our 14 year old car on the road).
    So, I’m sorting out my assets to see what will still be of use to me, got a few useful domains still registered and a Hosting to cover me, started a Get Response Account and am now setting aside regular time to work on this.
    I look forward to picking up the threads and getting cracking!
    Cheers, John

    • Hi John, thanks for posting. I can help you get started in the right direction. I will send you an email!

  • Hey Jim,
    Been following you a long time even before I was a senior. With the way job pensions and social security uncertainties are today it seems that supplemental income is a must.
    Internet marketing is a valid arena for all seniors to investigate.

    Nick M

  • James Moon says:

    Thanks for all the honest and helpful information you put out there. Now that I am 65 and retired, the opportunities you present look great. Thank you so much, Jim.

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