I Think My Head Is Going To Explode Today 

 January 29, 2016

By  Jim Daniels

Have you ever had the feeling your head may explode?

That’s what I’ve been feeling today.

I’m trying to get some work in on the laptop. 15 minutes in, I need to stop and help my wife find her keys.

I sit back down and start typing and my son texts me about a permission phone call I have to make. Hmm.. where’s my phone?

I finally get back to the task at hand and I hear my dog rifling through the trash on the front porch. I open the door and he rushes in smelling of garbage – and we had fish last night!!

I rush him up to the shower and cover him with shampoo and the doorbell rings, Fedex.

I’m losing it man!!

But ya know what, I wouldn’t trade all this for my old job any day. Because nothin beats staying home and being boss-free.

Sure, there are stressful days. But it’s a different kind of stress. Nothing like dealing with upset clients at my old phone man job.

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OK, back to the dog. I think I left him in the bathroom.

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About Jim

I gave up a life of jobs in 1996. Since then I've been earning a living online.

I write books, create software, license info-products, affiliate marketing, build membership sites, design websites and more.

I prefer this over my old lifestyle of getting up early, commuting to work, coming home to have a few hours for my family and living for the weekends. Now every day is a weekend. I work when I want and answer to no boss.

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