How to get free traffic to affiliate links 

 October 21, 2023

By  Jim Daniels

Affiliate marketing is challenging. But what if I could show you how to get free traffic to your affiliate links? Would that make it easier for you?

Yes, it is possible. And you can automate the process using AI.

I know, because I am doing it myself.

This blog post will show you how it possible, and show you exactly how I discovered this method.

It all started when I purchased an Internet marketing product for the purpose of reviewing it for my readers. Little did I know I would start using the method myself and getting fantastic results over and over.

The training product is called: Free Bard Traffic – Unlimited Free Traffic Training

Before you start worrying that it’s just another long learning curve, read this:

The training consists of four videos. Yes, four. The videos show you everything you need to do.

The first video is about 10 minutes long and shows you’ll watch over Mark’s shoulder as he implements the strategy. The rest of the videos are just five minutes each and show you how to enhance your results.

Hint: You will be using the free AI tool called Bard to narrow down some very specific keywords to target, and then to create content that will rank very easily. You then post the content at your site or one of the sites Mark mentions in his final video.

You can use this free traffic to promote anything you want, including:

  • Building your mailing list: This is one of the best ways to use the free website traffic, as a mailing list gives you direct access to potential customers and clients. You can offer free lead magnets, such as ebooks, checklists, or templates, to incentivize people to sign up for your list.
  • Selling more of your own products: If you have your own products or services to sell, you can use free traffic to drive people to your sales pages.
  • Getting more members into your membership sites: If you have a membership site, you can use free traffic to promote your site and get more people to sign up. Be sure to highlight the benefits of your membership site and make it easy for people to sign up.
  • Making money from Google Adsense: If you have a website, you can make money from Google Adsense by displaying ads on your site. Be sure to choose ad placements that are relevant to your content and that will provide a good user experience.
  • Growing your YouTube Channel: If you have YouTube channel, you can use free traffic to drive people there.
  • And of course, making affiliate commissions: If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can use free traffic to promote your affiliate products. Be sure to choose products that are relevant to your audience and that you can promote ethically.

In closing, I want to assure you that this method works. You can use this method as often as you want.

I have already used it multiple times and each time my page or post has appeared on page one of Google.

Again, the training product is called Free Bard Traffic – Unlimited Free Traffic Training and it is well worth the small price he charges for it.

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