The Fastest (FREE) Way To Grow Your Buyers List 

 March 1, 2019

By  Jim Daniels

The key to a successful long-term business online, is to grow your own email list.

Not just any email list though. You need an email list fill of product buyers in your niche.

It just makes sense. The more buyers you have on your email list, the more sales you’ll make. You’ll sell more of your own products. And you’ll sell more products you promote as an affiliate.

So what’s the best way to grow a buyers list?

Well, if you have lots of money, you can spend a few grand a month advertising on Facebook or Google.

But I prefer to use free methods.

And the best free way to grow a buyers list, is to tap into the buyer lists of other marketers in your niche.

So how do you do that?

What’s the easiest way to tap into the buyer lists of other marketers in your niche?

It’s actually quite simple…

You put together ONE product of your own, such as an ebook or special report. Then you actively seek out affiliates to promote it for you.

Whenever someone buys your product via an affiliate, your autoresponder integration should automatically add each buyer’s email address to your email list.


But how do you find affiliates to promote for you? That’s what we’ll cover today.

Finding affiliates is a critical step in online marketing as it will fill your email list with real buyers.

For starters, you’ll need to put up a JV page like this.

A JV page is where you tell affiliates what your product is all about, how much they can earn, as well as launch contest details and dates if you’re just launching the product.

(I build my JV pages and sales pages with the Thrive WordPress Plugin but there are lots of other tools you can use as well.)

Once you have a JV page up, you need to start sending potential affiliates to that page, so they can see your product and start signing up to promote it.

Here are the top 4 ways I get potential JV partners to my JV page…

 1. Email your past affiliates

If you’ve launched products before, go back and contact any and all affiliates who promoted for you.

Send them a simple email message telling them about your new product and giving them the URL to check it out.

Oh, and be sure to ask them if they have anything new coming that you can promote. Reciprocation goes a long way.

2. Get your product listed at popular launch directories

There are a few great places that affiliates visit often, where you can list your launch.

For starters, head over to MunchEye.com and submit your launch. This is the most popular place affiliates go to find products to promote. Try to get it up there a month ahead of time if you can, as many affiliates schedule promos at least 3-4 weeks out.

A couple other places where affiliates look for products to promote are JVNotifyPro.com and JVPlanet.com. Add your product to those directories and you’ll definitely pick up more affiliates.

3. Post in Facebook JV Groups

Just like the web directories above, there are some great places on Facebook where you can list your upcoming product launch. A few of these groups include…




4. Use Facebook Messaging

This last tip may seem basic, but it is probably the most powerful of all.

Take an hour or so every day simply clicking through your friends list at Facebook, and find marketers who promote products and services similar to yours.

Then click the message button that looks like this…


It opens a small dialog box where you can send them a message. I send them a message like this…


Your picture in my friends list just caught my eye. What have you been up to? Any new products or services I can review for my BizWeb eGazette readers? 

Jim Daniels – bizweb2000.com

Then when they reply, and they usually do, I get a review copy of their latest program to check out. If it’s up to snuff and something I can recommend to my readers, I send back this message…

Thanks! It looks great. Send me an affiliate sign up link and I’ll let my peeps know about it.  

Also, would you like review access to my latest program? It pay 75% commission and your people would love it. Let me know…


As you can see, this is a very basic strategy to get affiliates from Facebook. But I’ve generated literally thousands of visitors to my sites with this method. In fact, I’ve made more money on Facebook using this strategy than any other I’ve tried, including their paid advertising.

Of course you need to grow your friends list in order to utilize this method. But that’s easy enough…

Just search for some leaders and competitors in your niche right though the Facebook search bar. As you find them one by one, you can send a friend request. Most marketers accept friend requests even from people they don’t know. And it’s never too late to start growing your list of friends on Facebook.

I hope today’s post gives you a few new ways to grow your list of JV Partners and increase your sales!

See ya in a few weeks.

Jim Daniels

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