FAQ: Amazon Affiliate Marketing with Azon Profit Builder 

 March 22, 2021

By  Jim Daniels

In my broadcast emails the last few days, I’ve been telling my readers about this really cool tool for Amazon affiliate marketers.

It’s a super-quick review site builder called Azon Profit Builder.

The launch pricing is about to end so I wanted to get a quick FAQ out and answer some common questions such as…

  1. How do I get an Amazon affiliate link?
  2. Do I need a to buy web hosting?
  3. Are you personally using this tool Jim?
  4. Should I get the Pro version?
  5. How do I decide which niches to go into?
  6. How can I get search engine ranking?
  7. How else can I get traffic?

Whether you already bought Azon Profit Builder or not, you really should read this.

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OK, lets dig in with today’s Amazon Affiliate Marketing / Azon Profit Builder FAQ:

1. How do I get an Amazon affiliate link?

To get an affiliate ID from Amazon you go here:


Just click the yellow “join now for free” button at the top right. Don’t be confused by the earn “advertising fees” statement, that’s just what Amazon calls commissions.

Oh, and upon signup they will ask you to enter your domain name. If you do not have one yet, just grab one for your first niche affiliate site at namecheap.com and enter that domain name in the box. They won’t check out your site until you start making sales anyway.

While the Azon Profit Builder lets you build sites on their domain, I suggest you get your own domain name for each niche site you build. It’s as simple as grabbing a domain and entering the nameservers at your registrar so the domain points to the azon profit builder site. (They show you how inside.)

If you need ideas for a domain name, here is the free domain ideas tool I use. Just enter a keyword or two in that tool and it spits out a ton of great choices. (Try to keep it short and sweet!)

2. Do I need to buy web hosting with Azon Profit Builder?

No. The Azon Profit Builder is a web-based app. So you do NOT need to buy web hosting, as this tool comes with lifetime hosting for all the sites you build. That’s a big convenience and also a nice savings.

To set up an Amazon niche site, you simply log in, click a few buttons and your entire website is built for you instantly. It already contains the required Amazon disclaimer at the bottom of all your pages.

You then put in your amazon affiliate ID as well as your secret keys (they show you how to get those from amazon too) and you are off and running. The last step is to add products to your site which you can do it a about 5 minutes with their admin area search tool. (See my demo video below.)

Oh, and inside they include a handful of brief, helpful training videos that show you exactly how to build your affiliate site. Right to the point and easy to understand.

3. Are you personally using this Amazon affiliate site building tool Jim?

Recently Amazon reopened their affiliate program to residents of my state of Rhode Island. I’ve been wanting to get into it for years but could not. So I figured this was the quickest and easiest way.

I had built Amazon affiliate sites for clients in the past using George K’s Associate Goliath plugin which requires a self-hosted WordPress site. So I was familiar with the process, though this tool streamlines it significantly.

I have to say, this tool is like no other site builder I’ve seen to date, and I’ve used a lot of site builders!

4. Should I get the Pro version?

You do not need the pro version, as the regular version does a great job. But the Pro version gives to some extras as you’ll see at my smartwatch site.

It adds youtube review videos to the product posts, as well as social share buttons to get you some more traction. It also lets you add amazon product reviews in frames, which is allowed by Amazon.

Plus, it lets you find products based on price. That comes in handy if you want to create a few categories like I did at my smartwatch site. You just search for products in different price ranges then add them to a category such as “affordable” or “high end”.

5. How do I decide what niches to go into?

Well, there are lots of ways to do that. Most ways involve long and involved keyword research strategies.

But since these sites are so easy and quick to create (literally minutes) I’m taking another approach. I’m creating a bunch of them and seeing which ones work best.

Here’s the sneaky way I found the niche for my new novelty sock shop.

Go to amazon and use the search bar auto-complete feature. Start typing words such as…

  • novelty
  • cool
  • stylish
  • trendy

Then enter the letter “a” and see what shows up. Next, replace the letter “a” with the letter “b” and see what shows up. And so on and so on, right through the alphabet.

Those are products customers search for.

For example, when I entered trendy + the letter “s” I saw trendy sunglasses appear in the search bar. Now that would be a great niche for the Azon Profit Builder.

With Azon Profit Builder, it is best to choose niches with products that people like to “browse” pictures of.

That’s because this web-based tool builds “instagram” style sites with a gallery of pictures. And they look awesome on computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you want to go for niches with more expensive products (bigger commissions) then instead of words like those above, use words like these…

  • expensive
  • high end
  • luxury
  • costly
  • pricey

Doing this for one minute I found a few great examples: (Steal these if you want.)

  • luxury dog beds
  • luxury luggage
  • expensive watches

You can also use that same trick at Google. Their search bar has autocomplete too 😉

Here’s a couple niches I found there:

  • costly handbags
  • high end outdoor furniture

OK, I think you get the idea.

6. How can I get search engine ranking?

Google and other search engines really like original content, as well as in-depth content.

So if you want better search engine ranking you should spend some time expanding and elaborating on your best product posts.

Just go to the published post in your WordPress admin area and edit it. Then add more written content that makes the review more interesting or entertaining. Add extra details about the product or review it in more detail. Answer every possible question a buyer might have and you’ll make them happy and Google happy.

Believe it or not, many of the top ranked pages on google are now over 2000 words. How can you write two thousand words about one product? That would be a challenge, I agree.

So here is another strategy that I am using…

For each niche site I build using Azon Profit Builder, I’m posting an in-depth buyer’s guide to the niche. It will be 2,000+ words long and I will manually post it like I do at my regular blogs. I just go to Post, add New and type.

Well, actually I’ll be pasting it in. Because I am ordering the 2000+ word articles on fiverr for about $20 each. Hey, I plan to build a network of site, I can’t be doing all this writing myself! 😉

For some niches you may not be able to go that long.

Once the buyer’s guide post is up at my blog I create a category called Buyer’s Guide so there is a link to it right at the top of my site.

With these sites or any site for that matter, here’s the mindset you need to have….

Rather than just a niche “product” site, try to make your site into a full “authority site”.

Try to answer every question your audience has about the products you are trying to sell. You can find those questions at forums in your niche, at Yahoo Answers and even in the Amazon reviews of the products in your niche!

7. How else can I get traffic?

There are lots of ways to get traffic to your amazon affiliate sites. Don’t just wait for search engines to find you.

Obviously you could just start buying traffic but I don’t recommend that. After all, Amazon commission are not 50% like you see in the Internet marketing space.

The best one is link building. Link building gets you some instant traffic and builds you link profile — which improves your search engine ranking slowly and steadily. And that’s what Internet business is all about. Upward trajectory.

Here’s a great post detailing some of the methods I am using for link building:


I especially love the broken link method explained there. Again, if you do not want to do all that yourself, outsource it to a virtual assistant at fiverr!

I am also experimenting with some other low cost traffic strategies for getting traffic to my Anazon affiliate sites. I’ll be sharing my results here with you soon.

Additionally, I’m taking a full course on Amazon affiliate marketing and will be sharing THAT info with you soon as well.

OK, that wraps up this FAQ on how I’m using Azon Profit Builder to get into Amazon affiliate marketing. I guess it turned into more of a coaching session than a FAQ. But that’s OK, I promised to coach my peeps to success and it looks like we got the ball rolling today.

I love building sites with Azon Profit Builder! I’m doing it in my spare time and having fun. Stay tuned for more tips as I uncover them. And if you still don’t have access to this awesome tool, grab it here at the lowest price possible.

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  • FAQ: Amazon Affiliate Marketing with Azon Profit Builder

    Brilliant ! 🙂

  • Such valuable information inside the FAQ: Amazon Affiliate Marketing with Azon Profit Builder. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  • Jim,

    Really disappointed with Azon Profit Builder for completely leaving out all the grief you will go through if you don’t already have an Amazon Associate account. You guys start off with setting up the Azon Profit Builder and if you don’t already have The Amazon Account you are going to go no where. I have now spent two days just trying to figure out all this stuff that Amazon wants you to do. It still is not working. I am dead in the water trying to figure out what these special keys are that Amazon requires. You guys need to give us newbies better instructions and not assume we all have 17 years experience. Unhappy and just about ready to ask for a refund.

    • Hi Ken, sorry to hear that. I was probably a bit hasty in assuming that most people had an Amazon account already and many had an amazon affiliate account. I apologize for that. That is indeed an extra step. When I started a few weeks ago I was new to the Amazon affiliate program though. I watched this youtube video and it showed me how to get my Amazon access key ID and secret access key. I followed it to a T and it worked like a champ. The whole thing took just a few minutes. Give that a try before you give up on Azon Profit Builder, it really is very simple to use once you get past this hurdle.

  • Jim,

    Great info here, thanks for the post!

    I’m a complete newbie to all of this; had never even heard of backlinking before this article. What would be a decent price to pay for backlinking on fiverr?

    • Hi David,

      That’s a tricky one. There are so many options at fiverr and some of them are not Google friendly even though they may say there are. I am trying a few strategies myself currently and will report my results in a future post. Watch for that!


  • Jim, you’ve made a classic newbie affiliate marketers mistake. Now, you’ve written a good product review, heck, you sold me, I just went and bought it. So what was your mistake? Listen up newbies, Jim set the sales link to open the sales page, over top of his blog. That’s right, this blog disappeared and was replaced by the sales page. Never do that! Have the sales page open in a new tab. Why? Because when I x’d out of it, Jim’s website was gone too. Fortunately was able to get back, but I had come here from a link on another website. So think everything through

  • Noticed a couple of things when working on the site and wondered if you used OnlyWire for promotion. Also wondered how or where you got the product photos, as I can’t locate ones I can get to the “Post”

    • Hi Marion, yes I use onlywire for my browser notifications. It is free and works great. For photos I use fotopress, you can find more info on that here.

  • Hello Jim!
    I seen your review and was a little curious. So I was told that this has built in traffic and that whatever I pay I basically would make my investment make in as little as 3 weeks. Like that I make my site and boom completely done. So is that true or false? I don’t want to buy something and then be stuck because I’ve never been great at just sending traffic to a site and I hate it when others lie about the product. Hopefully you can help! I’ve seen others say the site makes $225 in 3 weeks doing nothing so I am highly confused.

  • Hi, are your earnings on Azon only via PayPal or could it be directly into your bank account? Paypal is banned in my country and I’ll like to know before I sign-up. Thanks

    • Amazon earnings are paid via the method you choose and you can choose to receive a check.

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