How the Facebook Advertising Face-lift Can Help You Build a Huge List 

 September 3, 2015

By  Jim Daniels

Have you ever tried advertising on Facebook? I have. And I failed miserably.

But that was before they gave their advertising platform a huge face-lift. (More on that in a moment.)

First off, let me go on the record and say that I’m not a big Facebook user. My wife is. I know because she shows me a picture of a long lost relative or a photoshopped cat every day.

However, just because I’m not a big user of Facebook doesn’t mean I don’t know the value in it. After all, they have 1.4 Billion monthly active users. That’s billion with a “B”.

A few years back when I saw all the ways they were growing and getting people to “sign up via Facebook” on one app after another, I couldn’t wait for the IPO.

When the stock came out I bought it at around $42 and rode it all the way down to about 18. Another Facebook fail for me. But I didn’t sell, in fact I bought more in the $20’s. And it’s gone up a lot since then. When it dips again, I’ll probably get more. Because Facebook is raking in the ad dollars hand over fist.

That’s because Facebook doesn’t rest on their laurels. They’ve acquired some 50+ companies now, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and more, and they never stop innovating and evolving.

One of their most recent innovations was a recent update of their ad platform so that advertisers will be paying only for the “most valuable outcome”. And there’s some really smart technology behind it.

So what exactly does this ad platform face-lift mean to advertisers? 

In a nutshell, it means that Facebook will no longer be charging for every action such as clicks to likes, shares and comments. Now they’ll only be charging for clicks to websites and apps. Basically any clicks that take you off the page onto another site (or into apps).

This means most advertisers on Facebook will save and make more money, since they’ll only be paying for more valuable, action-oriented actions.

Here’s an example of how well this can work…

While chatting with my friend and colleague Ron Douglas last week, he revealed how he is using Facebook advertising to get 500+ new opt-in subscribers per DAY. Imagine that. Here’s a screenshot from his Aweber account…

Over 500 Leads Per Day with 252k Total Subscribers:


Now that’s what I call smart marketing.

So let me ask you this…

How many new subscribers a day are you getting?

Is it enough to keep your income growing?

If not, and you haven’t tried the NEW Facebook advertising platform, you may want to give it a serious look. I’m not just saying that as a shareholder, but as a business owner.

I suggest you start with Ron’s course. I’m taking it myself, so I can implement his strategies in my own business and for my clients.

He calls his system “Five Dollar Posts” and it’s been getting him clicks for as low as $0.02 cents.

Ron has recently sold his “Five Dollar Posts” live coaching from the stage for $997 and it’s currently closed and not yet available to the general public.

But Ron is sharing his complete how-to method TODAY for just $17.

Ron’s been around the block. He’s not one of those flash in the pan gurus. He’s a New York Times Best Selling Author who built a huge audience of over 250k subscribers online in evergreen niches such as cooking.

He’s been on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network and got a million dollar book deal with Simon & Schuster with over 1.4 million books sold.

This guy is the real deal — anything you can learn from him about list building, I suggest you jump at the chance to do so. Why not grab his course and let him show you the proper way to build your list on Facebook without losing your shirt or getting your account banned.

Talk soon,

Jim Daniels
BizWeb eGazette

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