Contact Forms Are So 90’s (Use this for more business!) 

 November 20, 2017

By  Jim Daniels

Today I ditched the contact form on this website.

Not only was it old, tedious and boring, frankly it did not work sometimes.

Multiple times this year I’ve had people looking to do business with me, say they used my contact form but I never got the message .

So I scrapped it for a better solution.

Here’s what my old contact form looked like…

And here’s what my new one looks like…

The best part is that the friendly little contact button is all over the site, not just at one page. It appears in any corner I choose, and it rides along with the page as you scroll. (And it appears on mobile devices too.)

So no matter where my visitor is, they can simply click the button and get in touch.

Plus, they are now able to choose the method they want to contact me.

When they click the button it expands to this window showing all the options I want to offer…

Some people prefer email, others want to use social media like facebook or twitter. So why not give them the option and make is super-easy for them to get in touch!

Plus, setting it all up takes about 5 minutes using this plugin.

I can add options for skype, Instagram, and about a dozen others.

Here’s a video from my friend Ankur (the plugin developer), explaining how it increased his business literally overnight…

As you can see from the video above, this plugin is a must have for any blog or WordPress based site.

Download it here and watch your business grow!




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