Consumer Edition – Free Tools I Use to Save Time and Money 

 July 17, 2023

By  Jim Daniels

Today I want to show you some ways to save time and money! You’ll find a handful of free tools I use just about every day. I urge you to give them a try…

Best Price Finders

I like to use promo-codes to get the best deals online. But nothing is more frustrating than finding codes and trying them, only to have most of them fail!

That’s why I started using promo-code “find and fill” tools instead of doing it manually. I use two different tools, and both can be added to your Chrome browser for free.

Honey: Honey is one of the most famous and widely used Google extensions that fills in promo codes automatically. It automatically searches the web for valid coupon codes and uses them at checkout, making sure you get the best discounts available.

It also gives cash back on items that qualify. Honey’s huge user base is always adding to its huge library of promo codes, which makes it a reliable way to find discounts at many different online stores. They also have a smarthone app.

Cently, which used to be called “Coupons at Checkout,” is another great Chrome app. It works like Honey in that it instantly looks for valid coupon codes and applies them when you check out. Cently works with thousands of online stores, so you can use it to find discounts on many different shopping sites.

These Chrome apps for automatically finding and filling in promo codes make it easy to make sure you’re getting the best prices when shopping online. They save you time and effort by quickly applying coupon codes or comparing prices. This helps you save the most money possible and improves your shopping experience overall.

Auction Savings

My favorite tool to get the best prices on eBay by “sniping” at the end of an auction, even if I can’t actively bid at the end of the sale, is called MyBidder. This automated bidding tool gives you an edge over other bidders so that you can win more eBay auctions.

With MyBidder, you simply set the highest price you’re willing to pay and the tool will then place bids for you instantly, in the last few seconds of an auction. This method, called “sniping,” keeps other people from bidding and gives you a better chance of both winning the item and getting a lower price.

MyBidder is available as a smartphone app and a Chrome and Edge extension and it’s free.


Do you shop on Amazon? If so, you likely read a lot of reviews. I know I do. But did you know that an analysis by the fraudulent-review-detection service Fakespot of 720 million Amazon reviews found that about 42 percent were bogus? That’s almost half!

That’s why Fakespot offers a product analysis tool that analyzes a product’s reviewer history and language patterns to give you an overall grade that indicates deception. I use it almost every time I buy something on Amazon. It helps me distinguish products with genuine feedback from those with misleading reviews, so I can make better informed choices.

After all, buying crappy products is time consuming and frustrating. You have to drop them off to return them and it’s a waste of time. By identifying bogus products before you purchase, Fakespot saves you time and money, and you’ll buy only the best items with genuine positive feedback. There’s also a FakeSpot app for smartphones.

Safe Public Wifi Use

If you ever connect your laptop or smartphone to wifi other than your home, you put your data at risk every time. Instead of taking the risks, consider using Proton VPN. Proton is a trustworthy free VPN that allows secure and private internet access. Its many characteristics make it a good choice for online privacy and security.

Proton VPN is ideal for privacy-conscious users who want to safeguard their data. It encrypts internet traffic, protecting your data even on public Wi-Fi networks.

You can install Proton VPN on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. Their free tier with restricted functionality and servers is more than enough for most users. They also offer paid options with more features and a larger server network. Signing up and using it is easy, and you can browse the internet more privately and securely no matter where you connect.

Save on Gas

When I was a kid I always laughed at my dad for driving down the road to save a nickel per gallon on gasoline. Now that I’m an adult, I completely understand his logic. If everyone just bought gas at any station, even the higher priced stations, then gas stations would have no incentive to keep prices lower. They’d all overcharge!

Plus, why pay $40 for a fill-up when you can get the same exact product for $30? That’s why I love GasBuddy.

GasBuddy helps drivers cut gas costs. It helps customers you locate the best local gas prices by providing real-time data. The app lists all nearby gas stations and their fuel costs. Users can easily find the cheapest station by comparing costs.

GasBuddy’s community-driven approach delivers value. Travelers can report gas prices and GasBuddy creates a real-time gas pricing database.

Simply download the app onto your smartphones and start saving on gas. There’s an IOS version of GasBuddy for Apple smartphone and an Andriod version.

Do you have a favorite consumer tool? Tell other gazette subscribers by posting below!

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  • Jim, thanks for the link to the Fakespot site. I get a lot of vehicle related items from amazon and take care to read the reviews prior to purchase – but over the years still managed to land a couple of turkeys. This will put the gods on my side !

    • You are more than welcome Ray. The app is a little tricky to use, you need to click share when you are at an Amazon product and they share the link with the Fakespot app. But you will be surprised at how many products use fake reviews. They always get a D or and F rating from fakespot.

  • Thank you for these, Jim. Much appreciated, mate. Honey and Cently are going to be useful here in Australia, too. I’ve already downloaded the extensions. Actually, MyBidder, FakeSpot and Proton VPN are winners and I shall be using these as the need arises. Haven’t tried GasBuddy yet but will download the app and give it a go. I shall keep you posted on whether or not this one works here or not. Thank you again, Jim. Love being on your list, mate. Look after yourself and keep on keeping on ;D.

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