Commission Black Ops Coupon Code and Review 

 March 15, 2016

By  Jim Daniels

cboCommission Black Ops is an affiliate marketing method invented by my friend Michael Cheney.

This review includes a discount coupon code for the lowest price possible.

I’ll cover two things in this post…

1. What’s inside Cheney’s new Commission Black Ops and is it any good?
2. Should you bother adding it to your arsenal?

First let me address the elephant in the room. If you already know Cheney, there is a chance you may not really “gel” with his upfront style of marketing and writing.

And I can understand that. In fact, it took me a little while to ‘warm’ to it. But for some reason, now I open more of his emails than any other marketers.

That speaks volumes. Because I am not alone. His techniques simply work.

In fact, for him they generate a whopping $39k a month in affiliate commissions. I know, that sounds unrealistic. But it’s true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. He has promoted products of mine and generated $1,000+ in sales in just a few days.

I also understand that most people are not gonna earn $39k a month simply copying what Cheney is doing.


But here’s the thing. Most people who copy his method WILL see a significant bump in their affiliate earnings. Whether they are newbie starting from scratch or they are an experienced affiliate marketer.

And that’s the whole idea.

Copy the methods that get uncanny results, and steadily increase your income.

In my own experience, this method works. I know because I implemented it myself and it turned my slowing affiliate marketing side-business around.

Simply put – he found something that works wonders for affiliate marketing.

cbomanualSo let’s get to the answers to those two questions…

1. So what’s inside this new Commission Black Ops?

The main product is his Commission Black Ops “Field Manual” which costs $9.95 during this launch.

I’m gonna be straight with you here – it’s worth every penny. I read the entire thing in just over an hour (I’m a fast reader) and although I’ve been making a full time living online since 1996, I learned more in this field manual than any other in the last few years.

In addition to the Field Manual, there’s the Video and Audio modules that show you how to copy his simple steps.

cbodvdNow sure – if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time then there may be around 5% of this info which you already know.

But the other 95% is NOT like anything else you’ve seen.
Again, I know this stuff works – because I tested it personally.

His last product called Commission Machine introduced me to some of these strategies, though not this next level stuff.

The way he breaks it down is really step by step so you can just copy it for yourself and start using the method in your own business.

2. Should you bother adding it to your arsenal?

cboaudioThat depends on where you are at. If affiliate marketing does not interest you, then take a pass.

But if bigger affiliate commissions DO interest you, then you need to know this next level stuff. As I said, it made a real difference in my own affiliate commissions. In fact, I loaded up the included MP3 audios onto my smartphone so I could listen on the go. It’s that good.

BOTTOM LINE… For the small fee he’s asking for this I recommend you grab it while it’s so cheap.

Oh, I forgot to mention his sneak angle…

One of the reasons he’s offering it so cheap is kinda sneaky — he’s looking to train up his own legion of “affiliate special operatives” who can then smash it for him on his next product launches. It’s a smart strategy.

And as long as you go through the product and apply what you learn there’s no reason you can’t become a top-earning affiliate too.

So there you have it;

I give Commission Black Ops a big thumbs up, 9/10 rating (because nobody’s perfect) and recommend you grab it right now like I did and start making money with this thing;


Use coupon code gimme10 at checkout and you’ll save $10 instantly.

Jim Daniels

P.S. I almost forgot – BONUSES. I got Michael to sweeten the pot for my members and subscribers with this $6000+ bonus pack: http://ezbizcoach.com/JimsBlackOpsBonus/

Just get in today to lock down that coupon and bonus.

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  • This sounds like what I’ve been looking for. I’m not having any luck with affiliate sales while everyone who has tried to mentor me makes it look like a piece of cake. I’m hoping that this will turn everything around for me. Thanks!

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