How To Get Free Images For Your Blog (Legally) 

 December 14, 2018

By  Jim Daniels

OK, so taking an image from the web and using it on your site without permission probably won’t land you in jail.

But many webmasters have paid hefty fines for doing just that.

So why take a chance when the solution is so simple.

I’ll explain an easier (and safer) way in this post.

I’m no technophobe, but there is one online business necessity that I am just awful at…

Anything image related.

When needing a picture for my site or for a client’s site, I’ve spent literally hours looking for something decent to buy. And they’re all so expensive!

And that’s just finding an image!

Of course I could just hop over to pixabay and grab a free image. But even if I do that, when it comes to customizing the image and saving it, I am totally lost.

I don’t know a crop icon from a resize to a jpeg to a png. Sad, eh?

And yes, I’ve tried Gimp, Paint, Photoshop and even many web based image editors.

But with every program I open, all I can manage to do is stare at the screen with no idea what to do next.

After clicking around blindly for an hour or so trying to edit one single image, I’ll still hate the results. I’ve even been known to scream obscenities at my screen.

Well recently I was saved from all that aggravation.

No more hours of frustration trying to find images and edit them.

Now I use a simple, little WordPress plugin called FotoPress.

This thing is so cool.

Each time you add a page or post to your WordPresss site, you just click this little button in your WordPress dashboard…




You then simply type in what kind of picture you’re looking for and it searches multiple sites for royalty free images you can use.

Then, and this is the best part… it lets you edit the image right in your browser with no external tools necessary.

See the image of that cartoon lady behind bars at the top of the page?

I made it with FotoPress in 3 minutes flat.

To show you how simple this really is, and that even a photoshop failure like myself can do it, I’m going to add another image right now and add in the words BizWeb eGazette.

I’ll tell you how long it took me as soon as I post the image. Here goes…

Bam! I found that image and added my text in 3 minutes flat. This is so fun I’m going to do another one…

That one took me 2 minutes.
I could go on and on about how cool it is, but instead, I think I’ll just add some more pictures of some of my favorite things, for your viewing pleasure…

OK, I think you get the picture. (Pun intended.)  In case you need more, here’s a quick video demo so you can see how easy it is to use the FotoPress WordPress Plugin…

Thanks for reading today’s post.

If you have epic struggles with images like I did, or if you just want to save time and money, grab this plugin before the creator hikes the price again. Oh, and here is a coupon code you can use on fotopress: foto5

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To your online marketing success,

Jim Daniels

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  • I’ve fiddled with videos for years, but mostly I just save and cropped family pictures and things like that. No texts, no clever tricks with changing the look of the picture, nothing like that. (And the family pictures, while nice, had nothing to do with my business. I’m really excited to start playing with FotoPress and seeing what i can do now!

    • Yeah, it is a really cool plugin Steve. I hope you like it as much as I do. I’ll be using it to add custom images on all my posts from now on. I never could figure out PhotoShop and even MS Paint or Gimp for that matter! But this is a breeze.

  • My goodness, I didn’t realize there were others who hated, hated making images as bad as I do! This has the potential to change a lot of things in my situation. I knew there had to be a better way to make images and now it is here…good deal, too.

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