9 Free Checklists to Use or Give Away 

 February 17, 2023

By  Jim Daniels

This week I’ve been recommending Ben Fletcher’s Checklist Master Plan.

Ben’s Master Plan is a simple but effective way to grow your own income-producing opt-in list using simple checklists.

The best part of his method is that you get sales in the process, so you’re earning as you grow your list.

If you still need to start your own list or grow what you’ve already started, I urge you to grab Ben’s plan.

And to give you a head start with his plan, I created nine checklists for you.

You can use these as if you created them yourself. Put them to work in your own business or give them away to help you grow your opt-in list.

Checklist for content marketing:
Determine who your target market is and what content they want and need.
Make compelling, high-quality material that satisfies their demands.
Make your content SEO-friendly by inserting relevant keywords
Using social media and other platforms, start spreading your content.
Collaborate with other websites to swap content in the form of guest posts.
Share your content using email marketing to increase website visitors.
Monitor the performance of your content using analytics to make improvements.

Checklist for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Do keyword research to find the most pertinent and popular keyphrases for your niche.
Optimize the meta titles and descriptions of your website for the keywords you want to rank for.
Make sure your website is responsive to mobile devices and loads quickly.
Seek out long-tail keyword phrases to target your audience more specifically.
Create trust-worthy backlinks from websites in your field.
Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor and track your website’s position in search results.

Checklist for Social Media Marketing:
Establish and enhance social media profiles on the most appropriate platforms for your niche audience.
Create a social media content plan that reflects your business and target demographic.
To extend your reach and visibility, use hashtags.
Engage with your audience by answering comments and messages.
Utilize social media advertising to promote your website and reach targeted people.
Monitor your social media data to evaluate your effectiveness and make changes.

Checklist for Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising:
Create a call to action that is crystal clear to your target audience.
Find the most relevant and effective terms by conducting keyword research.
Build customized advertising campaigns using tools like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords
Maximize your cost per click and return on investment by tracking and tweaking your ads.
To reach visitors who have already visited your website, use retargeting.

Checklist for Email Marketing:
Create a high-quality email list through the use of incentives and valuable content.
For managing your lists and campaigns, choose an email service provider like Aweber or GetResponse.
Deliver updates to your opt-in subscribers to strengthen your connections and establish trust.
To enhance open and click-through rates, write email subject lines and content that are intriguing.
Plan daily and weekly promotions to increase sales of your items and affiliate products
Set up DKIM and SPF records with your web host to increase deliverability.
Segment your email list and target certain groups of subscribers with relevant content.
To get better open rates, mail only to previous opens.

Checklist for Influencer Marketing:
Determine the appropriate influencers in your niche.
Build relationships with influencers by reaching out to them.
Partner with influencers to create content, sponsor posts, or establish affiliate relationships.
Employ metrics and trackable links to determine the effectiveness of your influencer marketing.
Think about micro-influencers, who can have a smaller audience but a more attentive one.

Checklist for Affiliate Marketing:
Offer commissions to existing clients or site visitors who refer others to your business.
Make a JV (joint venture) page with product information, an affiliate sign-up link, and affiliate resources.
Add banners and email swipes for affiliates at your JV page.
Post your upcoming product launches at Muncheye.com to recruit new affiliates.
Contact your affiliates via email each time to add a new product.
Analyze your affiliate marketing performance consistently to make adjustments and reward top affiliates.

Checklist for Content Syndication:
Find reputable websites in your niche that accept syndicated content.
Offer your content to these websites and discuss syndication arrangements with them.
Include links to your website within your syndicated material to improve traffic.
Check the effectiveness of your syndicated material to see if it is bringing visitors to your website.
Outsource more syndication of your content to places like Fiverr.com.

Checklist for Video Marketing:
Make engaging videos that are consistent with your brand and target audience.
Use pertinent keywords and descriptions in your video’s SEO optimization.
Promote your videos on YouTube, social media, and other video sharing websites.
Add your videos to a membership site to generate recurring income.
Keep growing your video offerings with more videos weekly and monthly.

Wrapping up today’s post…

People love checklists.

They are irresistible.

In fact, I use them every single day myself.

Online marketers can’t get enough of them, so why not capitalize on that fact…

Use my checklists above and plug them into this simple but effective method to grow your own income-producing opt-in list using simple checklists.

With Ben’s training you’ll also get an extra PDF showing you some easy ways to get traffic to your checklists.

By the way, if you do get Ben’s product, I earn a commission.

So to thank you for buying from my link, you’ll find a bonus from me at the download area.

It’s a pre-written follow-up email series that you can plug into any autoresponder!

It will grow relationships and trust for you on autopilot and help you earn more. 🙂




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