3 Scary Predictions (2040, 2030, 2020) 

 January 9, 2020

By  Jim Daniels

With the new decade upon us, today I have three Scary Predictions for the years 2040, 2030, and 2020…

Prediction #1:

In the year 2040, self-driving car technology will reach critical mass adoption.

When that happens, many states will make the act of physically operating a motor vehicle on public roads… ILLEGAL!

It’s gonna happen, and it will be a sad day.

If your great grand kids wanna drive, they will have to go to a track.

And your kids will be telling them stories of how they used to drive on public roads. Crazy, right?

Prediction #2:

By the year 2030, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will outperform humans at nearly every task.

Not just driving, I’m talking about things like research, surgery, manufacturing, accounting, store checkout, housekeeping and more.

They will be doing all that instead of us. In fact, we will simply be assisting them, instead of the other way around!

AI is getting smarter every day, and it WILL get smarter than humans.

Now that’s a scary thought…

Prediction #3:

(This one is actually “Scary-Good!”)

2020 is the year you will break thru and start generating some serious monetary results online.

Rather than dream up something big and try to implement it, you’re gonna start with this simple plan:

Copy me. Use the exact promos I use to get great results daily with affiliate marketing.

(Results like this.)

You’ll use my promos on the products I promote or use them on whatever you wanna promote.

You’ll share them via emails, blog posts, guest posts, social media and grow a following.

Then you’ll be off and running…


Try it, you may be surprised at how well I can predict the future. 😉

Regards, Jim Daniels

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