25 Unusual Affiliate Marketing Niches 

 April 12, 2024

By  Jim Daniels

Until the advent of artificial intelligence, affiliate marketers have been limited to niches they understood.

After all, how can you share information about something you know nothing about?

For example, if I tried to sound like an expert on a topic such as tiny house living, I would sound like a fool, because I know nothing about it.

But artificial intelligence has changed all that. Because it does the content creation for you.

With AI at their site, anyone can now be an expert on any topic imaginable. And that has opened up some very specific niches to affiliate marketers who could have never entered them.

Now all you need to do is pick something that interests you and use AI to build your traffic magnet — a website filled with unlimited information and advice on the topic.

So today I thought I’d share a list of 25 Unusual Affiliate Marketing Niches and Sub-Niches.

To start earning commissions from any niche in this list, simply enter the niche or sub-niche that interests you from the list below, into Google, to find and join matching affiliate programs.

Then use the Affiliate Core AI App I’ve been using to let artificial intelligence create an information-rich, search engine traffic magnet.

Note: To maximize search engine ranking, be sure to get a matching domain name and “humanize” each post that gets created by the AI.

OK, on with the list…

25 Unusual Affiliate Marketing Niches and Sub-Niches

1. Tiny house living: Affiliate programs for tiny house construction plans, furniture, and minimalist living products.

2. Digital nomad gear: Affiliate programs for laptops, travel accessories, and remote work tools.

3. Urban gardening: Affiliate programs for seeds, gardening tools, and urban farming equipment.

4. Beekeeping supplies: Affiliate programs for beekeeping kits, hives, and apiary equipment.

5. Off-grid living: Affiliate programs for solar panels, generators, and sustainable living products.

6. Alternative energy solutions: Affiliate programs for wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and renewable energy products.

7. Astrology and spiritual guidance: Affiliate programs for horoscopes, tarot readings, and psychic services.

8. Unusual pets: Affiliate programs for exotic pet care products, specialty food, and habitats.

9. Adventure travel: Affiliate programs for outdoor gear, travel insurance, and adventure tour companies.

10. Eco-friendly products: Affiliate programs for sustainable clothing, zerowaste products, and eco-conscious brands.

11. Funky home decor: Affiliate programs for unique art pieces, quirky furniture, and unconventional home accessories.

12. Subculture fashion: Affiliate programs for punk, goth, steampunk, and other alternative fashion styles.

13. Health and wellness for pets: Affiliate programs for CBD products for animals, pet acupuncture, and holistic pet care services.

14. Glamping gear: Affiliate programs for luxury camping supplies, yurts, and glamorous camping accessories.

15. Retro gaming: Affiliate programs for vintage video game consoles, classic arcade machines, and retro game accessories.

16. DIY crafts and projects: Affiliate programs for craft kits, DIY supplies, and handmade goods.

17. Bizarre food trends: Affiliate programs for unique food products, gourmet snacks, and specialty food subscription boxes.

18. Paranormal investigation equipment: Affiliate programs for ghost hunting gadgets, EMF meters, and spirit boxes.

19. Medical marijuana products: Affiliate programs for CBD oils, cannabis accessories, and marijuana-infused products.

20. Escape room experiences: Affiliate programs for escape room bookings, puzzle games, and team-building activities.

21. Historical reenactment supplies: Affiliate programs for period costumes, historical weapons, and living history supplies.

22. Virtual reality gaming: Affiliate programs for VR headsets, immersive gaming experiences, and virtual reality accessories.

23. Survivalist gear: Affiliate programs for bug out bags, emergency preparedness kits, and survival tools.

24. Internet Security: Affiliate programs VPN’s and security software

25. Whimsical accessories: Affiliate programs for fairy garden supplies, mermaid-themed products, and unicorn-inspired

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