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In today's issue...

"How to Write Content for Your Niche"
by Jim Daniels

Sharing helpful, original content online is simply the best way to achieve long-term success in web business. Even if you do not sell information products, an information-rich website will help you attract website traffic, and there are lots of ways to monetize traffic.

But in order to pull it off correctly, you need to constantly come up with unique and original content -- not an easy task. Today I'll show you a step by step technique to simplify the process.

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For today's tutorial, I will use the topic of alternative medicine as an example. Let's say you have a website on this topic. Your visitors are fed up with "big pharmacy" and want to read about natural cures and preventatives. The best way to get and keep lots of interested visitors and subscribers, is to share fresh, useful content on a regular basis.

Naturally, you'll need a source for this fresh content.

Believe it or not, you really do not have to go much farther than the Google tools. Most people only use the Google home page to search, but did you know that Google offers research tools that help you dig deep into any subject and share what you find? Here are the tools and a step by step strategy for creating great, original content for your website or newsletter...

Step 1. Go to Google news.

At this resource you can search by keyword through more than 4500 news sources. A quick search as I wrote this newsletter showed more than 2,600 news items on the phrase alternative medicine. To start writing my article on alternative medicine I'd simply pick my favorite topic and pull a news quote or two from the piece, crediting the source properly of course. Next I'll use the rest of the tools below to wrap some content around the news...

Step 2. Find out what people are saying about this news.

These groups are made up of folks who like to discuss *your* subject. So now you can go even farther. Look up your news topic in their groups and you'll see what people are saying about it. And that's what business is all about - uncovering and solving other people's problems! In your article you'll simply share how people feel. Mention arguments for each side and you'll get your readers thinking objectively.

Step 3. Find out what the Bloggers are saying.

Another place to read what other people think about your article topic is in blogs. When using this tool, search results include all blogs on the web, not just those published through Google's Blogger. You're guaranteed to discover lots of new information about your niche, that you can share.

(More after this important message.)

Step 4. Find out what scholars are saying.

Google Scholar helps you find the most relevant research across the world of scholars including theses, books, abstracts and articles, academies, universities, professional societies and other scholarly organizations. It's always a good idea to include a few comments from the experts when relevant.

Step 5. Research through books on your subject.

Sure, you could go out and buy books to help you with your topic, but why do that when you can actually search through the text of books on any topic! Not too many businesses go this deep, and this angle can provide research your customers and subscribers won't find with basic searches.

Step 6. Search PDF documents at Google.

Here's a clever trick most people do no know about. Try the following search at (keeping in the punctuation as written):

alternative health +free +filetype:pdf

As of this writing, Google shows about 2 million sites for this query. What you get here are free downloads in pdf format about your subject. This is information most other sites in your niche will not think to access. Remember, if your content is unique and useful, you'll get (and keep!) more readers.

Putting the finishing touches on your content...

While the tools above show you how to gather relevant information on any topic, you can't simply copy and use the content as your own information. You have to put all that information in your own words. You can use direct quotes if you credit the person who said it.

I've found that by using those tools your article will take shape by itself. After all, you are reporting on a newsworthy topic that interests many people. You are sharing what people think about the topic. You're telling people what you've learned from books on the topic and finally, you're telling them what the experts think about the subject. That's great content anyone would want to read!

Remember, you do not have to go through all the steps above, every time you write an article. Many times you'll find that you have more than enough material after taking just the first two steps. As long as your topic is interesting to the niche you are presenting it to, you'll be on your way to a successful web business.

See ya in a few weeks...
Jim Daniels
JDD Publishing Co.

Well, that's it for today's gazette. See ya in a few weeks...

Jim Daniels - Creator of ezWebBusinessBuilder - the world's first View it and Do It software for profiting from the web.

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