5 WordPress Plugins That Make You Money

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In today’s BizWeb eGazette I want to tell you about five powerful plugins.

If you’re using WordPress for your websites, these are five plugins you really need to know about.

All of them are designed with one thing in mind – to help you make more money from your site!

1. Profit Builder

ProfitBuilder is a really slick plugin that lets you create high-converting lead pages, sales pages, product review pages, member portals and more, just like the top marketing gurus online.

It is a page creation system that features…

  • Over 60+ Pre-Designed Lead, Sales and Marketing Layouts
  • Easy-to-Use Drag and Drop Page Builder — ZERO Coding or Design Skills… Just Click and GO!
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Transforms under-performing sites into Profit Powerhouses

Definitely worth trying for free for 60 days if you want high converting pages.

2. AutoZon Builder

If you’re more into affiliate marketing than marketing your own stuff, then you need to see this plugin!

AutoZon Builder builds you a complete Amazon affiliate website in any niche, in sixty seconds.

Here’s exactly what AutoZON Builder does for you:

  • Automatically adds your own affiliate links
  • Automatically adds the product description, features, image and reviews
  • Automatically builds your entire affiliate site for you!

(This is a plugin I wish I could use but I can’t, because I reside in a state where Amazon does not allow affiliates.

3. Covert Copy Traffic

I’ll bet you have no idea how many people are “borrowing” your content every day. In fact, you may be shocked. And 70% of them are doing it by copying from your site and pasting your content into their email program.

Hey, sharing your content is good thing, right? Well, only if you get proper credit and more visitors! That’s why you need the Covert Copy Traffic plugin. This simple plugin automatically detects when people copy something from your blog…

And when they then paste the copied content into email, Facebook or whatever – the plugin automatically includes a link back to you. That means you get proper credit and more traffic!

4. WPFreshStart

There are basically two ways you can setup a new WordPress site. The slow route which takes a lot of time. And the fast route which takes just ten seconds.

You probably know the slow route all too well — boring, manual labor. Setting up permalinks, plugins, about pages, terms pages, disclaimers, legal pages, etc. But you may not know about the fast route. It’s the WPFreshStart plugin. It does all the tedious stuff for you with the click of a button.

Hey, every new site you setup can earn you money, so why waste your time? You can now set up new sites with a few clicks.

5. Stakk

Stakk is the popup tool I use at my home page here at bizweb2000.com.

This WordPress plugin creates awesome full page opt ins, video opt-ins, and surveys & exit pages in just a few clicks. These are the tools the pros use to get More Leads & Sales!

I noticed a 30% increase in opt-ins the very day I started using this plugin. If you want more email opt-in subscribers (who doesn’t!) then get Stakk and start using it today!

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