How Are These Strange, Boring Videos Making People Wealthy?

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This week I watched some weird YouTube videos.

I had to, it was research.

Here’s one of the videos I watched. (I’ll explain why below. Bear with me…)

OK, pretty basic stuff right? I mean, you or I could probably create something like this without much trouble.

So why did I watch it? Well, I just had to see a video from a YouTuber that earns, get this…

Up to $19,000 a day. Yes, per day.

I looked them up at which reveals how much YouTubers make and here is their listing.

That’s just crazy, right? I mean the guy doesn’t even go on camera. Just his hands. And he talks about a Sponge Bob toy for about ten minutes. Yawn…. all the way to the bank.


And this guy is not the only person doing it. I watched videos from a bunch of other million dollar a year channels and it seems that ordinary is really in!

Now I’m not trying to sell them short, not all of them are boring. In fact, the fact that many of these videos have literally millions of views is proof that people find them quite interesting.

One thing is for sure, the creators certainly have a knack for knowing what will get watched.

But I’m sure you’ll agree, the earnings are ridiculous in many cases.

And it’s not just toy reviews. Here are some leading channels in other niches to show you just how diverse the topics are…

product-reviews real-estate

parenting fitness

self-help  travel cooking

As you can see, there are people cashing in big time with videos in every niche imaginable.

People that like to be on camera and people who never show their faces.

Basically, people creating videos about something that interests them. That’s what it boils down to.

So the next logical question is, can anyone do this?

Well, yes and no.

For starters, you need to love making videos. Personally, it’s not my bag.

But there is one thing very appealing about it. And that’s the income and how you earn it. It’s a passive income stream that requires no product creation. The videos are your product. And you earn a share of the advertising revenue that is generated.

As you get more and more subscribers and video views, your passive income stream continues to grow.

As you know, YouTube is MASSIVE. With 300 hours of video uploaded EVERY minute, it’s the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

If you go to YouTube right now, search for a video related to your niche and find at least 1 video with at least 1,000 views, you can probably build a massive audience in that niche on YouTube AND turn it into a full time revenue stream.

If it’s something you want to try, the investment is tiny. You can record videos with your smart phone when you start out, and you don’t even need a website.

But you DO need to know how the insiders build their channels from the ground up from zero to millions of views.

If you want to try your hand at making passive income on YouTube, or you know someone else who does, you should start by getting Tube Amplify.


It’s an excellent how-to course from someone who earns $1,000 a day and growing fast. (He makes videos about his passion – cars.)

The course is laid out in simple easy to take steps. It includes training and the software the creator uses to increase his ranking and views. Top quality insider stuff all the way.

Caveat: This is NOT some “overnight” get rich quick scheme. You can start making money from YouTube almost immediately but you will NOT get to $1,000 per day over night. If you stay committed however, real results are achievable over time.  But if work scares you, online business (and this product) is most likely not for you and you should NOT purchase it.

I plan on giving the course to my daughter’s boyfriend who wants to make his living on YouTube. Who knows, maybe a year from know I’ll be able to show you another success story.

I’d love to hear what YouTube channels you like to watch, leave a comment below. But first look them up at SocialBlade — you may be surprised at just home much they make from their simple videos…

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  1. Colleen Simmons September 24, 2016 at 12:43 am -

    Hi think this is a good idea, tried using your code when purchasing, told code not valid for this product, bit disappointed, but purchased it anyway. Thought I should let you know that it is not working. will let you know how it goes.


    • Jim Daniels September 24, 2016 at 8:45 am -

      Sorry Colleen, the 5% discount Tube Amplify coupon code seems to have expired. I will post another promo code as soon as I get my hands on one. Unfortunately it may be after the launch when the price spikes up sharply. If I am able to secure another coupon it will still be more expensive after launch, so you were wise to buy it now. The launch ends Sunday, September 25 2016.

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