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Security on the Web : How to collect secure profits at your website.
By Jim Daniels

If you've been marketing online for any length of time, you realize the hottest topic involving internet commerce has been security, especially among the media. Although using credit cards to make purchases online is actually very safe, a common myth has been that it is not.

The fact is, secure transaction technology has been in place for a while now. All major Web browsers now support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology and many web servers are also compatible. The lack of security comes into play when credit card details are emailed from the web server to the vendor. Although an encryption standard for this should be in place soon, this has been where the security is lacking.

Until the media is satisfied that fraud cannot happen online, it will be an issue. The fact is, if someone wanted to steal your credit card information, it's much easier to listen into your phone line as you order concert tickets or grab a box of receipts from a dumpster behind your local mall! Remember though, no matter how your card info is stolen, credit card fraud liability is limited to a maximum of $50 to the card holder. This alone sets most people's fears aside.

For online business owners, it all boils down to this...

If you're marketing on the web, you need to offer secure transactions to your customers. If you don't, you'll lose more sales than you can imagine. I'll admit, when I started my business online, it took me a bit longer than it should have to get this facet of my business in gear. Once I did, my profits increased by number I never imagined possible.

Here's what you need to be able to accept credit cards at your website...

1. A merchant account. A merchant account will allow you to accept Visa, Mastercard and other major credit cards. You can enter a customer's card number directly into your PC with merchant account software and as transactions are processed, money is deposited directly into your bank account.

Merchant accounts are no longer difficult to obtain, thanks to the internet. Beware however, many companies are charging up to 10 times what a merchant account really costs. Before you settle on a merchant account provider for your business, investigate the merchant account information here. You'll find a respected company that offers merchant accounts at reasonable prices.

2. Secure forms. Secure forms allow your customers added privacy and piece-of-mind when completing a credit card transaction. Don't even consider offering credit card ordering at your site without secure forms. You can get secure forms from most any web host now.

3. Shopping cart software. An online shopping cart at your site makes it simple for your customers to complete their purchases. There are many companies offering shopping cart solutions on the web. For some, you can pay thousands of dollars. Before you settle on any one company, I invite you to investigate webbusinesswizard.com.

This shopping cart system allows business owners to build their own cart with a new point-and-click interface that works right through your browser. You can add an unlimited number of products and services and try all the features with a  FREE demo account.

Well, that sums up your crash course on Security on the Web. Now that you know the importance of offering secure credit card transactions to your customer, you can get started "transaction enabling" your web site!

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