Do You Like Popovers?

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Have you ever eaten a freshly made popover?

I’d never even heard of a popover until I met my wife. She’s a popover expert.

When made correctly, they don’t collapse in the oven, and they are puffy, light, hollow, flaky and yummy!

But website popovers are a horse of a different color.

You know, those in your face ads that hit you immediately upon entering or exiting a website.

If someone were to ask you what you thought of the website popover or popup, I’m guessing one of these words would come to mind…




Pain in the you know what.

And I don’t blame you one bit.

So the question begs…  Why are so many top internet marketers still using this technique?

Well, the answer is…

Because it still works!

I know, because I’ve been revisiting popups and doing some testing the last few weeks.

Today I’d like to share my results with you.

Since their invention over a decade ago, popups remain a proven method to increase your subscriber list and sales.

Sure, many of us find the popup quite irritating at time. Some of us even have scripts installed to block them whenever we can, but they still seem to get through.

But here’s the thing about popups…

You yourself have probably filled one out. So sit back and think why you did, and what happened.

Chances are, you got added to a list.

And you got something for free, such as a special report or ebook.

Then you got even more free stuff over time.

Not a bad trade off for parting with you email address.

Sure, some of you got spammed like crazy. May have even gotten scammed a time or two. (Hopefully not.)

But 99% of the time, simply clicking an unsubscribe link got you off the list and you never heard from the marketer again. (Hopefully.)

OK, so let me get to the test results I promised to share with you. (Right after this quick sponsor message.)

While I pretty much abandoned popups years ago, I decided to try a new popup plugin another marketer recommended to me a few weeks ago. Within minutes of adding it to my WordPress site I had a popup working.

You can have a look at it by going to my home page.

Since adding that popup there a few weeks ago my opt-in rate has gone up by 30%.

That’s a big increase.

If you want to try a popup at your site or blog, it is now drop-dead simple if you use WordPress. Just grab the plugin I bought called Stakk and you can have it up and running in minutes. (It took me about 25 min. and I’m not too tech savvy.)

While the popup I built with Stakk is a fairly standard entry popup, Stakk can build pop ups with video backgrounds that are simply stunning. (Just check out the examples at the Stakk site.) And it works with virtually any WordPress page and theme. I know, because I had a snag with mine and their support team fixed me right up.

Another cool thing about the Stakk plugin is that it can be used to run surveys, send visitors to sales pages, take opt-ins and more. You can even include timers in your popups if you want.

OK, I don’t want this to sound like a promo for Stakk, so let me get back to sharing how to make a popup campaign really shine…

The real key to running a successful popup campaign is to make sure you have something worthwhile to say or offer. You’ll only get great results if your popup offers your visitor something irresistible that is directly related to the page they are on at the time it pops.

When designing a popup with Stakk or any other plugin, your popup consists of three basic elements:


The headline, like a sales page headline should grab the attention of the visitor. But it is even more important on a popup, because the viewer will usually be looking to close the popup immediately — and getting them NOT to do that depends entirely on the headline.


This should relate to, and follow the headline creating interest. All you want to do is raise curiosity in the mind of the visitor to want to find out more.

Call to action:

Based on the curiosity you have created in the sub headline you will ask the visitor to take some form of action, like opt in to a newsletter or click on a link. That’s why it is critical to provide something in return. This could be anything that is related to what the visitor is searching for.

And again, it’s the offer that really matters most…

These days, a newsletter or single ebook is not enough. You need to be a little more creative and give them so much they can’t say no. A small collection of ebooks with PLR rights, or even a software program or plugin will get you better results.

If you’ve never tried popups, or you’re like me and you abandoned them long ago, now may be a good time to revisit. Thanks to new technology like Stakk, you can use them minimally and without annoying people. And they’re easier than ever to set up!

Read Later? Download a PDF of this Post to Save or Print
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