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From: Jim Daniels
Date: July 6, 2017

RE: Ongoing Promotion Of Your Best Product, Service or Affiliate Offer

I've managed to build a loyal following of 60,000+ subscribers the last two decades online. Every Friday, I announce a new BizWeb eGazette issue to my readers. Thousands of my subscribers flock to my site to read BizWeb eGazette posts.

Unfortunately, most people do not have that luxury of repeat traffic. In fact, getting regular buyers to their sites, is very difficult for most businesses.

That's why once a year I offer this low cost way to get your best offers in front of my loyal audience. You get a full six months of advertising at 89% off my regular rates.

Here's What My Traffic Partners Get...

Traffic Source #1: Sponsor Banners
Your 300x250 pixel sponsorship banner ad in six upcoming issues of BizWeb eGazette.

This includes 3 top sponsorship slots and 3 middle sponsorships.

Sponsorship ads appear in the content section (center) of the gazette. For example, the top sponsor ad in the sample issue below is the yellow and purple ad, just above the fold...

BiWeb eGazette Issue

You can use your six sponsorship spots for the same offer or different offers. Just email me anytime you want to change your offer. Your ad remains in the post forever.

Actual Value: $325 x 6= $1950

Traffic Source #2: Sidebar Ads
Your 300x250 pixel site wide sidebar banner ad for six months!

Your ad will rotate through the right side column of my home page plus every issue posted, past and present, for six full months.

The side bar ads appear below the facebook box on the right side of every page...

Home Page

That's a permanent banner ad on all posts including the home page at for six months.

Actual Value: $1300 ($50 per issue)

Plus, for 2017 I'm adding a Third Traffic Source...

#3: Sister Site Sidebar Ad!
Your 300x250 pixel site wide sidebar banner ad for six months at my sister site,!

This popular affiliate product review site is linked directly from and gets direct traffic as well as search engine traffic. 

Your ad will rotate through the right side column of the home page plus every page and post, past and present, for six full months. Home Page

Actual Value: $600 ($100 per month)

Why Am I Running This Ad Special? 

Doing a special offer like this twice a year helps me and it helps you. You get low cost, targeted advertising. I get to fill most of my ad space ahead of time, saving me a lot of ongoing work.

How much traffic will you get? That depends on many factors including your ad and what you decide to promote.

BizWeb eGazette has a very loyal readership, so the offers you decide to run for the next six months will get clicked on. Whether you're looking to get opt-ins or sales, you'll get results. 

If you have any doubt as to whether BizWeb eGazette advertising works, just read these comments from a few of my past advertisers...

Customer Testimonials

"Jim, I just wanted to say I got a great response from the ad that I ran with you recently."

"I made over 5x the cost of the ad so I'm very happy. I'd become a little disheartened with a lot of ezine/newsletter advertising recently so just wanted to say "thanks" and I'll definitely be back!"

Richard Legg


"Sheesh Jim - your ezine is incredible! In under 45 minutes of my ad going out, I already doubled the money I invested in your advertising."

Amber Jalink
DIME Consultants Incorporated



"Jim, I ran the ad in hopes of attracting new subscribers and the results were nothing short of phenomenal."

"My subscriber base exploded! Putting my message in front of your audience worked like a charm."

Damon G. Zahariades
Web Business Today

This offer is Strictly Limited to 7 customers.

Once it is sold out, it will be closed until a slot opens.


Your Special Discount Pricing...

As you can see from my regular pricing above, this is $3850 worth of promotion for your business. But who has that kind of money laying around?

So instead of giving you some lame half-off, or even 75% off sale, I'm slashing the cost WAY DOWN. 

You just have to get in quickly, as I have only 7 (Currently Just 2 spots) available.

Here's my DEEP Discount Offer Today:

  Actual Value: $3,850
- 89% Discount

= $395.00

Yes! I want in.

I want my best offers to appear in front of your loyal audience for six full months, Jim. 

I understand that I'll get:

  • My 300x250 pixel sponsorship ad in six separate issues of BizWeb eGazette including 3 top sponsorships and 3 middle sponsorships. I understand I can use the spots for the same or different offers. Actual value: $1,950
  • My 300x250 pixel sidebar banner on all pages and posts at for 6 months. I understand my banner will rotate through the side column on al pages and posts including the home page. Actual Value: $1,300
  • My 300x250 pixel sidebar banner on all pages for 6 months at I understand my banner will rotate through the side column on all pages and posts including the home page. Actual Value: $600

DON'T DELAY: There are currently 2 slots remaining. This offer will close as soon as all the spots are taken. 

Jim Daniels

P.S. Remember, your advertising costs are a tax deductible business expense. This will make for a nice write-off at the end of the year.

P.P.S. Once your order is received, I'll get your side-bar ads up the next day and schedule your sponsorship ads and send you the run dates!

Terms and Disclaimer: Only ads for business related products or services will be accepted due to the target market of BizWeb eGazette. JDD Publishing reserves the right to refuse any ad or potential traffic partner for any reason. If application is denied, advertiser will receive a full refund of their payment. Once order is accepted and confirmed, campaign will start and no refunds are available after campaign start date. JDD Publishing guarantees no specific income, traffic or sales from this promotion. Your traffic and sales are dependent on many factors including your offer and how it is presented. Advertising campaign will end 6 months from start date and advertiser may be given the opportunity to renew campaign at discount.

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