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In today's issue...

What's the One Thing You Need to Make it in Online Business?

Do you know the ONE single thing you need to become a success in online business? It's not what you think...

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If you were to ask ten experts what's necessary to become successful in online business, there's no doubt you'd get quite an assortment of answers.

Most experts will tell you you'll need a website first. Others will tell you your number one priority should be an opt-in list. Still others will tell you a product or service of your own should come first.

The fact is that growing a successful web business will likely require ALL of those items eventually, and more. But there IS one item, one single aspect of success that seems to be very hard for many people to achieve...

I like to call it "stick-to-it-ive-ness".

Never heard that term before?
Dictionary.com defines it as such:
Definition: dogged perseverance; resolute tenacity

Here's a story to illustrate this point...

A sharp fellow named Marty wanted to start an Internet business so he hired a well-known guru to coach him. After introductions and a chat about Marty's financial goals, it was time for Marty to get down to business.

The guru's first suggestion for Marty was that he start researching potentially profitable niches. He gave him detailed directions and a few resources to use. His request to Marty was to send him just two ideas so he could evaluate them for him.

A few days later Marty responded saying that he thought the suggestion made by his coach was nearly impossible. Marty told him, "I really can't do that, it's too hard. Can't you just TELL ME what I should be getting into?"

The response from the mentor was a surprise to Marty -- but it eventually led to his ultimate success. What were those magic words the mentor gave Marty?

He replied with these pearls of wisdom...

"Marty, if you think you can't then you're probably right."

Marty understood right away what his coach was getting at. He wanted more than anything to be a success online, and now he realized what had been holding him back all along -- his own lack of perseverance.

He had a tendency to give up when success did not come quickly or easily. His own thoughts about what he thought he could and could not do were holding him back. Marty decided that very day that he could in fact do what his coach suggested to find a profitable niche.

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That's right, that's the moment Marty made the decision that he COULD do it and that he would not give up. Not only did Marty find a very profitable niche, he found a handful of profitable niches. He started his first internet business selling a hard good product and it turned out to be a total success. He had finally turned the corner.

Perhaps it is time you asked yourself what you could do if you removed "I can't" from your vocabulary so you weren't limited by what you "think" are your abilities.

Marty actually knew very little about the niche he started in and even so his business took off. He learned to research on the web and in turn, he discovered all he needed to know about his product as he went along.

He also had no idea how to build a website, but he learned that too. Marty's success had nothing to do with lots of startup money because he started with just a few hundred bucks.

The fact is, success in business can be attained despite lack of talent, investment capital, knowledge about the product and a whole host of other "excuses" people come up with about why they can't start an Internet business.

However, it is a well-known fact, especially among successful business owners that success DOES have everything to do with determination to succeed and "stick-to-it-ive-ness" each time new challenges come your way.

Of course I am not recommending that you throw hard earn money away because you don't want to give up, please use common sense.

Here's an idea of whether you've given your business a fair shake or not -- if you have these four steps completed and six months later you're still broke, it may be time to try another niche...

1. You researched your niche and think you can fill a need

2. You have a website up

3. You have at least 2-3 GOOD traffic sources

4. You're collecting opt-in email addresses and you're following up with prospects

After all that is done and you still haven't made any money, maybe it's time to try a new niche. There are millions of hungry buyers in thousands of niches waiting to buy. Keep plugging away until you find a need to meet in a specific niche and fill that need. It will only take a few months to get to know your market.

Every single month, there are millions of people searching for information on how to make money on the internet, yet less than 3% of those people ever actually make any money. The business owners who make money are the ones who don't back down when faced with the same challenges that all online marketers face.

Don't be one of the 97% who give up right before you strike gold. The possibilities are unlimited for you, once you erase "I can't" from your vocabulary, and replace it with "stick-to-it-ive-ness".  ...

See ya in a few weeks...
Jim Daniels

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