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In today's issue...

"A Newbie's Business Checklist"
By Jim Daniels

Do you consider yourself a newbie to web business? If so, this issue is for you. I've put together a checklist containing the ten essentials of any online business.

I suggest you print this checklist and keep it at your desk. As you accomplish each item in the list, you'll see your profits steadily increase. Before you know it you'll be earning a full time income from the web!

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On with the checklist. Remember, you do not have to do these all at once. Work your way through the list one step at a time. Once you have every item on this list, you should really be seeing some steadily growing profits...

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)
A website with your own domain name
A professional-looking website is a must in order to make a go of an online business. A domain name at a mere ten bucks or so a year tells potential customers you're serious about business. As for the site itself, you can create it with a website template and a free html editor if you're handy with the computer. If you're not, you can have your pre-designed template customized by professional "template tuners".

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Proprietary products and services
The best way to the highest profits is to offer at least one product or service that you own the rights to. Either create something that the market demands or purchase exclusive rights to something. This is an area that stumps many people but if you use your imagination and draw on your past experiences, job and even hobbies, you may be able to come up with something. As you consider ideas, you can do a little keyword research and see if anyone is searching the web for that topic. This will tell you if there is an interest in your subject.

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)A merchant account and secure credit card ordering
In order to make a serious income online, you MUST be able to securely accept credit card orders. You can do it with a merchant account of your own, or use a service like 2Checkout or Paypal. Or, if your product is digital, you can use a service like Clickbank.

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Effective sales literature
While a professional website and a great product are important to your success, every business expert agrees on one thing... it is the marketing that will make or break your business. The web is filled with superb websites containing outstanding products and services, that never make a profit. An effectively written sales letter could make the difference for many of those site but the owners simply do not realize that. If you are not versed in writing sales copy for the web, get a book on it or hire a professional, proven copywriter to do it for you.

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Website traffic
Obviously you'll need website traffic before you can start making any money. There are tons of ways to get traffic without paying much, if any money. Some of the best strategies I've used include free traffic networks, search engines, link swaps, affiliate programs and article/content sharing. All these grass roots strategies can bring targeted traffic, often at no cost. If you want more details on these strategies, you'll find them in last week's BizWeb eGazette.

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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Your own opt-in list
Growing an opt-in email list is absolutely essential to your long-term success online. The best way to grow a list is by giving away something of value such as a free ebook, email course or even a newsletter. A combination of all three works best for me, as it has grown my list to more than 150,000 subscribers. Your list will be your bread and butter. Not only can you use it to form relationships with your potential clients, you will be able to announce new products and services and affiliate products and services.

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Great customer support
You'll need to find a way to help your clients one on one. If you can do it yourself, that's a great way in the beginning. Eventually you should consider using a virtual assistant or a help desk so you can concentrate on other business aspects such as marketing.

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)An affiliate program
Call it what you want -- an affiliate, associate or reseller program. Your site needs one! This allows other businesses to refer customers to your site and earn money. In turn, your marketing efforts are multiplied over and over. It's like hiring a giant sales force and paying them only when they make sales!

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Joint venture partners
Having an affiliate program in place is only the beginning. You need to fill that affiliate program database with super-affiliates! You can do that by regularly contacting potential partners and "making deals" with them. You promote their product or service and they promote yours. Give them a complimentary copy of your product and offer them a special commission rate. Let them know you will reciprocate their efforts. Joint ventures are a two way street and there are an unlimited number of potential JV partners out there. Never stop looking!

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Add-on products and services
You should regularly offer your customers products and services related to your own. Your best bet is to offer the products and services of your affiliates, as it is a great way to return the "favor" and create lasting business relationships. Also try to mix in products that create residual income for your company, such as web hosting services or software.

There you have it -- a checklist of web business essentials. I suggest all newbies print this checklist and keep it at their desk. As you accomplish each item in the list, your business will be growing right along with your bank account balance!

See ya in a few weeks...
Jim Daniels - JDD Publishing Co.

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