Newbie Case Study: $4k in a Week?

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I can remember my six weeks of basic training like it was yesterday.

Most guys (like me) learned right away not to open their mouths. Then there were the slow learners. They were the ones with the drill instructor’s spit flying in their faces every day.

The same thing applies online. In fact, a question I get all the time is this…

“I feel like I missed the boat on this whole Internet boom. Is it still possible to generate serious income online?”

Look, I’ll be 100% honest – it’s not “timing” keeping these people from success. Of all the people I’ve spoken with who still aren’t succeeding online, it’s usually one of two things… the learning curve, or the work.

That’s right, like anything worthwhile there’s a learning curve when it comes to online business. And after that learning curve, it all comes down to old fashioned hard work. Quite a bit of work actually, at least during the early stages. And most people just aren’t up to the task.

That’s not to say it’s impossible. In fact, it’s quite possible and in a minute I’ll show you an example — an Irish school teacher who’s brand new to all this and just did $4k in a week. But here’s the thing…


He was willing to go through the learning curve.

He was willing to get a little help from someone who’s done it already.

And most importantly, he was willing to sit down and do the WORK. That’s right W-O-R-K. That four letter dirty word that keeps so many people on the outside looking in.

Here’s the learning curve and work that I’m talking about…

First, you’re going to need to put together a plan that emulates what others are currently having success with. That’s exactly what the school teacher did. I’m not saying you should blatantly copy someone else’s work. I’m saying you need to copy a “formula” that has been proven to work.

The formula will need to include most, if not all of the following…

a. a way to get high quality traffic for free 

b. a way to convert that traffic into subscribers

c. a high quality product to sell (either plr or something you create)

d. a great sales page with an effective sales video

e. a funnel with an upsell or two and a back-end profit strategy

f. a simple order processing platform like clickbank or jvzoo

g. a connection with a few people of influence (even minor influence) in your niche

h. a generous affiliate payout to attract affiliates, make sales and grow your customer list for future use

If you want details on how to do each one of those steps, I suggest you get your hands on this real life case study of full time high school teacher from Ireland. He went from having absolutely no experience online to earning a $4000 payday.

And he’s not the only one using that formula. Thousands of home based marketers are doing it in every niche imaginable.

Believe me, it works. I know first hand just how well that formula works because I’ve used it time and again over the years. It is nearly fail-proof if you get all the steps right.

And yes, I realize the whole thing looks like a lot of work, and frankly, it is. And that’s precisely why 95% of people never make it online.

Rather than hunker down and do all the work, they lose motivation when the results don’t come quickly. Most then go on to chase “opportunities” that appear easier.

Don’t make that mistake. Stick to formulas that have been proven to work over and over and save yourself years of frustration and failure.

Remember, you don’t have to do all that stuff yourself.

In fact, I encourage you to outsource as much of it as possible. Especially if you’re someone who struggles with the technical stuff. You can simply outsource most of it to fiverr nowadays and save time. If you have my ezWebBusinessBuilder2 package then bookmark my page of recommended outsourcers.

The main thing is to just get something out there on the market. No matter what market that is. Hobbies, self-help, Internet marketing, you name it — there is room for plenty of new products and services in EVERY niche.

And if you want to see how the school teacher I mentioned pulled it off, here’s the EXACT blueprint he followed to finally have his first big payday online — including a a sneak peek into the main traffic sources & methods he used.

(This case study is perfect for new internet marketers or for more seasoned marketers who have been struggling to see results.)

To your success!

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  2. Reuben July 24, 2015 at 10:04 am -

    I am busy with bizweb ebuilder but goes very slowly due to time

    • JDD July 24, 2015 at 7:59 pm -

      It’s a process Reuben, just do not give up and you will get there!

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