Help! I’m lost in Home Depot (again)

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True story: I was in Home Depot this am looking for some yellow caution tape. (Don’t ask.)

I wandered around for about 15 minutes then finally found an employee to ask for help.

“It’s probably in hardware” the nice lady said. “Follow me…”

Next thing she does is grab her white cane and start walking. That’s when I realized she was visually impaired.

I couldn’t help notice the irony. I’m completely lost in Home Depot being led around by a blind woman.

The blind leading the blind so to speak.

But she got the job done. I was out the door, tape in hand, some 10 minutes later. Must have been good karma for giving to my favorite charity, Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Look, we all get lost from time to time. Sometimes a little guidance is all we need.

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