I’m Hangin’ It Up. (Oh, And My Cyber Monday Sale.)

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I’m hanging it up.

That’s right, retiring.

I’m just doing it very slowly….

You see, each year for the last few years I’ve been cutting an hour a week from my work schedule.

I then replace it with something fun like golf, fishing, poker, biking, etc. By the time I’m 65 I should be down to just a couple hours of work a week.

How in the world can I do that?

Simple. I focus all my energy on helping people. More specifically, people like you. My subscribers.

I help my subscribers and in return I earn enough to let me work when I want.

Once I get down to a few hours a week, I’ll stay with that schedule forever so I keep right on helping people til the day I die.

I mean why the heck would I want to quit this gig completely? I’d be crazy! It’s fun and I love helping people!

So why am I telling you my secret plan today?

Because I’d love to see you put a similar plan into action. It’s not that difficult really. You find your passion, build a blog and build a list.

If you’d like to earn your living like I do — helping people with something you’re passionate about, I can help.

For Cyber-Monday I’ve put two of my top packages on deep discount.

Package 1: Build a Web Business with Jim, Step by Step…

Sale Price: $9.95

Package 2: How to Profit from the Boom in Coaching…

Sale Price: $9.95

Over the weekend I updated these packs again and dropped the price so it’s within reach for everyone!

Grab one or grab them both… and set up your own retirement income streams.

At the dirt-cheap price today, they are a no-brainer.

P.S. If you already own both of those, and I know many of you reading this do — fear not. I have something new coming for you in a few weeks. 😉

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