“How much can I make online and how much do I have to spend to do it?”

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I just went through my old Eudora email program. (Remember that one?)

I wanted to see how many email replies I’ve sent over my last 20 years online.

Get this… my outbox showed that I sent 48,302 email replies. Wow, that’s a lot of typing.

And that’s not counting the gmail accounts I’ve been using the last year or two.

Anyway, of all those emails, the number one question I answered was….

… drum roll please …

“Jim, how much money can I make online and how much do I have to spend to do it?”

Maybe that’s something you’ve pondered a few times over the years.

And the answer I gave?

Well, my typical response explained that HOW MUCH you make depends on many factors.

Those factors include what type of business you go into and how much time and effort you put in.

As far as SPENDING, I let them know it could be kept to a minimum, say $50-$100 a month.

Well, it appears I may be wrong there.

Because the barrier to entry has apparently been lowered to $0.


You can actually start and run a profitable business online with no start-up money.

Five different ways actually. Here’s how…


The guys who put that site up have already generated over $1 Million from that product. In fact, they’ve paid me thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions from it. So I know how powerful their methods are.

And now they’re going to let YOU cash in on it.

I’ve been scouring through it the last few days and it truly has everything anyone needs to make a serious go on an online business — without spending ANY money if they don’t want to.

Even an ol’ cheapskate like me found some really cool (free) strategies and tools I’d never heard of.

Bottom line, get it if it’s still available when you get to this page.

If not, get on the waiting list.

(If you’re able to get it, I suggest you grab the PLR version so you can stamp your name on it, help others and cash in all at the same time.)

To your success,
Jim Daniels


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