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One final note:

"Insider Internet Marketing" was first released in late 1997. Since then, over 10,000 copies have been sold – over half of them by distributors! The new updated version was just released in 2002. It will surely sell another 10,000 copies or more. And yes, it will be associate publishers selling most of them, not us! If you think it’s too late for you to get started, think again. Every single day, a growing number of orders are downloaded from our secure server. Why not let us start sending YOU checks too!

How much can you make? I’m always honest and up-front about my business. Since "the net" is still in it’s infancy, there’s no telling how much associates can earn. Naturally, it depends on the individual. So far, we’ve sent out monthly checks from ten to a few hundred dollars. I expect these numbers to continue rising as more and more folks jump online. Heck, if only ONE of your web page visitors per day orders, you’ll earn a smooth $300 per month. That’s just ONE per day - imagine 2 or 3 - you do the math!

It takes only a few minutes to sign up. This book will be a hot seller for years. I can guarantee that. Whenever the content begins to get a bit stale, I update the book, insuring continued long term profits for my associates.

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Sincerely, Jim Daniels
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THE SMALL PRINT: Routine disclaimer & guidelines - These terms and conditions shall apply to all distributors. Every ordering method will contain associate publisher codes including fax, email, snail mail and secure order forms. Each order will be checked to the best of our ability for distributor codes in order to credit proper commission to distributors. Although this offer is NOT limited to U.S. residents, all commission checks will be drawn on U.S. banks. "Insider Internet Marketing" is copyrighted at the US Library of Congress, Washington D.C., and cannot be copied, altered, reproduced or transmitted via the internet or any other means. It is unlawful to represent your company as JDD Publishing. No unsolicited bulk email shall be used to market this product. The price of "Insider Internet Marketing!" is $23.95 +$4 S&H and distributors will be paid $10 for every sale they generate. All distributors are NOT employees of JDD Publishing and are responsible for their own local, state, or country taxes. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. JDD Publishing guarantees no specific income from this venture, although will assist all distributors to the best of our ability. Hey, we want you to make money - when you make money, we make money!

Questions? Check out our FAQ Page...

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