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Try some of these slick apps on your PC!"


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         December 6, 2002                         Today's circulation: 159,783

"Slick Apps on my PC"

With the holidays fast approaching, I figured I'd take it easy on
you today. That means no marketing advice, no business strategies
and nothing too complicated.

Instead, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite software
tools. No, these are not affiliate links, they are just a handful
of slick apps that reside on my own PC. They all save me lots of
time and money on a daily basis.

Perhaps you'll find a tool that will help you.

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Jim's favorite PC apps...

Google Toolbar

When the Google Toolbar is installed, it automatically appears
along with the Internet Explorer toolbar. This means you can
quickly and easily use Google to search from any website
location, without returning to the Google home page to begin
another search.

KeyBoard Express

Here's a must for all busy cyberpreneurs. Keyboard Express allows
you to record, key in, and play back any set of keystrokes and
associate it with one of more than 450 different hot keys.
Eliminate the repetition of the same sets of keystrokes in word
processors, email, and more. The program can create hot keys for
standard email replies, URL's and forms. Keyboard Express can
even be scheduled to check for email messages. This program is
such a powerful tool, I don't know how I got by without it.

Second Copy

There are lots of backup utility programs available for backing
up data and I've tried quite a few. But the one I rely on daily is
called Second Copy and it automates all my backups completely. If
your computer is not backing up your crucial data while you sleep,
this is a great way to make that happen.

Desktop News Ticker

This handy, no-cost ticker scrolls news, sports and stock quotes
across the bottom of my desktop. A quick glance and I'm always up
to speed on what's happening in the world. Plus, it's fully
customizable to suit your own preferences.


A great ASCII based word processing program is a must for anyone
running an email list. This program offers great features for
email newsletter publishers. Features include a spell-checker and
the ability to set line width for easy message reading in all
email programs.


Get neighborhood weather conditions on your desktop. OK, it's not
marketing related, but it's slick. A digital thermometer sits in
the corner of my PC so I always know the conditions outside.
Forecast and weather alerts are always at my finger tips. Try
this fun tool.

That's it for today. The next gazette is on January 10. See you then!
And have a relaxing and safe holiday.


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