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         November 22, 2002                         Today's circulation: 158,030

"Real Email"

Every once in a while I like to do an issue called Real Email. In it, I let my subscribers peek into my email messages. Today's excerpts include some interesting subjects, including...

Subject: Come on Jim, you can't be serious.
Subject: Why was this strategy such a mistake?
Subject: What affiliate programs do YOU promote Jim?
Subject: How to start and what to sell?

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From: Kathy G.
Subject: Come on Jim, you can't be serious.

Jim, I saw your recommendation for TrafficSwarm and I think it is a crock. Come on, you know that will not work for everyone. The only reason it works for you is because you have such a large subscriber base. Why don't you come clean and tell people that. It's all about the list online. All you gurus have big opt-in lists and that's why you make a lot of money. But for the average Jane like me, things like this are a waste of time.

Jim replies..

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your feedback. Actually, I rarely take time to respond to negative emails like this but you've brought up a great point. An opt-in list IS a great way to grow business online. And that's exactly why I've worked hard to grow one - because it is a proven business strategy. In fact, did you ever stop to think that all the "gurus" you refer to are gurus BECAUSE they took time to grow a solid opt-in list?

As to
TrafficSwarm you are right -- it will not work for everyone. In fact, in my six years online I have not found a single strategy, opportunity or bit of advice that works for everyone. But I can say this, TrafficSwarm has worked for me and I've heard from many others who are having success with it as well. It's a no-cost way to get traffic and that's what many of my readers are searching for. If I were to give a disclaimer that says this probably will not work for you, do you think anyone would try it? Doubtful.

In closing, instead of 'labeling' yourself as an "average Jane", why not start growing a list of your own. Heck, I was an "average Jim" a few years back and now you're calling ME a guru. I'm not trying to be a wise guy here Jane, but I want you to see that anyone, including you, CAN grow an opt-in list of your own. But you have to concentrate your efforts on actually doing it rather than complaining about it not happening. There are proven ways to grow a solid opt-in list [see next message] and if you take a little time to learn a strategy, you'll be surprised how many doors it opens.

To your online profits,
Jim Daniels



From: Jamie B
Subject: Why was this strategy such a mistake?

Jim, I'm new to Internet marketing and recently I paid $399 for a mass email program because I was told I could use it to collect targeted addresses and do emailing without problems with my ISP. Three days after I started using it I was shut off without notice by my ISP AND web host. I scrambled to get new services and then lost them a few days later because of some overflow complaints from the previous mailing.

From all that, I got zero sales and many nasty responses. Worse yet, the company I bought the program from isn't writing back when I'm asking for answers. So, now that I'm out $399 with nothing to show for it, I need ideas. Can you help me understand what happened and where to go from here?

Jim replies...

Hi Jamie,

A hard lesson learned, but a valuable one. I too learned that lesson within my first few months online. Hopefully your letter will help many more avoid this mistake. In fact, you're lucky it cost you only $399. Many others have lost far more using that web marketing strategy.

The simple fact is, when marketing online, your best bet is to send email ONLY to folks who ask for it. While that may sound like a slow road to success, it is one that is proven.

Here's how you can do that...

Write down all you know about your niche. Think of all the ways you can help people with your expertise. Then assemble the information into a small ebook. Offer it for free at your website in exchange for a visitors email. Make sure you tell them you will never sell or rent their address to any third party, and that you will send only messages that will be beneficial to them.

That is how you grow your own opt-in list. And as long as you handle the list properly and do not abuse it, it will continue to grow. And it will become a source of income for you before you know it. You'll be able to offer related products and services to your list members through joint ventures and perhaps even sell some advertising. The key once again, is to treat the list members as you would want to be treated. Offer only valuable, occasional information that informs and enlightens. Sure, some folks will drop off the list no matter what, but if you do it right, the list will grow in the right direction.


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From: Casey B.
Subject: What affiliate programs do YOU promote, Jim?

Jim, real quick, can you give me a list of affiliate programs YOU promote. There are so many choices I'm dizzy!

Jim replies...

For starters, unless your niche is online marketing, the affiliate programs I promote may NOT be good choices for you. You need to stick to your niche (see below). That said, here the top 10 programs I promote, in alphabetical order...

Affiliate Mistakes
Affiliate Showcase
Free To Sell
Net Breakthroughs
PopUpMaster Pro
Surefire Marketing
WebPosition Gold

(For details, you can search on any and all of those at my
Affiliate-Showcase site.)

But remember Casey, if you want to make money promoting products and services as an affiliate, you must promote only products and services within your favored niche. For instance, if you have a health and beauty related site, you should promote only products and services that target that niche audience. (
Like these affiliate programs.)

Note: You can find affiliate programs for just about any niche at Affiliate-Showcase, or you can enter your niche into this search box...


From: Martin F.
Subject: How to start and what to sell?

Hi Jim, I'm taking the plunge! I've managed to sacrifice three hours of TV time every night and found 15 hours a week to start my own business online. Please help me get started. I've watched you for a few years and if anyone can help it is you. What's the best way to get started and what should I sell?

Jim replies...

Hi Martin,

Good for you. I started the very same way. I missed Seinfeld on Thursday nights but it was sure worth it. And now I'm catching all the re-runs anyway! ;-)

OK, here's a good way to start. Download my ebook called "A Beginner's Guide to Starting a High Income Business on the Internet, 5.0." You'll find it at download.com
right here.  As you'll see, it has been downloaded about 16,000 times from that popular software site. The ebook will give you all of the setup information you need to get started.

As far as deciding what to sell, that is an extremely important step. And you'll find a detailed answer at my web-based Make A Living Online Guide, in
part 3 of 5.

And remember Martin, getting an online business off the ground will take dedication, ambition and perseverance. If you lack any of those three, you will have a hard time making serious money. But if you DO have those qualities, the sky is the limit for you. And once you get rolling, an online business can free up lots of time to catch up on your favorite sitcoms. ;-)


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