"Will your web business yield fruit?"


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         May 2003                         Today's circulation: 169,920

Will Your Web Business Yield Fruit?

With Springtime arriving again in the Northeast section of the United States, I've managed to break free from my computer and get my hands dirty. And in the process of planting a few new fruit trees in my tiny orchard I noticed some remarkable similarities between this hobby and my online business.

I never noticed these similarities until this year, but they are truly remarkable. If you are trying to grow an online business, you'd better take note of them.

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P.S. This is NOT a business opportunity. It is a legitimate way to grow your OWN income stream online.

Read the following directions for successful fruit tree growing. I'll show you how the same principles apply to your business, with the "TREE" being your business and the "FRUIT" being the "WEALTH" your business yields.

"How to grow a fruit tree that yields rich, bountiful fruit."

Step 1: If you've never grown a fruit tree successfully, read the directions carefully!

Of the first five original fruit trees in my orchard, only two have yielded fruit. That's because instead of gathering all the information needed first, the gardener who planted them did so hastily. I'm sure he could just taste that fruit! So he dug a few holes and stuck those trees in the ground. He had no idea that there were certain things he needed to consider first. Had he taken his time and researched properly, the trees would have yielded lots of fruit by now.

Unfortunately, too many new business owners do this with their business. They try to go it alone when they have no idea how to proceed. All they have to do is get in touch with someone who has accomplished what they want to do and get their best advice. If that means buying a book or two, then so be it. A few wise investments will go along way toward yielding rich, luscious fruit. And it's much easier than starting a new tree every few years!

Step 2: When planting your tree, be sure the roots are set properly.

Your business needs solid roots too. If you plan to run your business from home, start out by going to your local town offices and checking on licensing and zoning. Chances are you will not have to do more than fill out a form and pay a small fee. But you're better off starting out correctly from the start, so you don't have to worry about it later.

Also be sure when selecting a name for your company and your products, that the names are not already taken. Do a trademark search on the web before making anything official. The last thing want to do is have to pull up those roots after they are established and start all over again!

Step 3: Regularly prune branches as necessary.

Pruning your tree during the first 4-5 years is very important in defining the future form and structure of the tree.

A business needs pruning too. Each branch that grows from your business needs to be carefully monitored. These new branches of your business represent new products and services you add to the mix over time. They may be yours or they may be carefully selected affiliate products and services. As they grow, you must take time to measure their results and snip off the branches that look weak or die. Only the strongest branches should be left to grow. That is where your best fruit will come from!

Step 4: Water and fertilize regularly. Without regular water and fertilizer, your tree will not reach it's full potential and may not yield ANY fruit!

Do you feed your business regularly? Far too many small business owners spend little if any time and money doing that. Yes, I'm referring to advertising and marketing. That is the only thing that can make your business grow. If your fruit has been small or sparse, it could be a lack of water or fertilizer. Your business needs a constant dose of marketing and advertising. Make this a top priority if you want rich, bountiful fruit year in and year out.

Step 5: Be Patient. Fruit does not always come the first year.

But it sure tastes sweet when it does arrive.

In business too, it takes time for your efforts to pay off. If you give up too early and stop nurturing your business, regularly pruning, watering and fertilizing, it will never yield fruit. So rather than concentrate on the fruit itself, concentrate on doing everything necessary to keep your business growing. Before you know it you will see the fruits of your labor!

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