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         February 7, 2003                         Today's circulation: 163,332

"But Who Helps the Experts?"

A few times a week someone will email me with the same question. It goes like this...

"Jim, you obviously help lots of people with their online businesses, but who helps YOU when you need advice? And who do you send people to when you do not offer the type of advice they need?"

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Today I'd like to answer that by introducing you to my circle of online friends and colleagues. I know all of these folks pretty well and many of them have helped me through the years and continue to do so. I regularly recommend their websites and they do the same for me.

You may know some of these marketers already, but my guess is that you have not heard of them all. They offer some of the web's best business resources, so be sure to visit each of their websites...

Meet Joe Robson...

A top dilemma I hear from would-be web business owners is that they are "not very good with the computer" and it restricts them from gaining the level of success they desire. If you are one of these people, fear not, you are not alone. In fact, everyone is new to this at one time or another. And that adds up to millions of people looking for help with their computer and the web. And every time I hear from one of these newbies, I send them to my friend Joe Robson's
NewbieClub site is hands down the best resource for newcomers to the web. And I get a thank you from almost everyone I send there. That's because Joe not only teaches newbies how to use their computer effectively, he shows them how to use the web for business. Newbieclub is a top notch resource that has been around for a long time. Go see why right now. (Note: Joe is also featured in this month's AffiliateShowcase Alert! Newsletter.)

Meet Mel Strocen...

SiteProNews has been a staple for webmasters for years. It's no wonder Site Pro News has, get this... 550,000 subscribers! If you're not one of them, I suggest you change that right now. I especially love their Webmaster Tools and Apps and spent two hours there just yesterday. Set aside some time and visit that resource. I guarantee you'll find at least one clever and helpful tool to save your business time and money.

Meet Ken McArthur...

Next I'd like to introduce you to Ken McArthur and his MBS Internet Business. Ken is the web-savvy fellow I teamed up with on the successful and still rapidly growing
Affiliate Showcase project and he knows a thing or two about making money online. In fact, Ken has more than 100k subscribers on his MBS Internet Business Newsletter list. This could be one publication you may not be getting, yet and it's worth the price of $0, so grab it now. ;-)

HELP WANTED: Must have computer, Internet access and ability to follow directions.

If YOU possess all three, click to my Complimentary web-guide and discover the step by step process of how to make money doing what YOU want to do online.

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P.S. This is NOT a business opportunity. It is a legitimate way to grow your OWN income stream online.

Meet Sam Robbins...

Sam's the guy who is responsible for my great spike in sales over the last few years. In my humble opinion, his web copy writing skills are unmatched on the Internet. Without his advice I might still be driving that old '74 Pinto. ;-) Sam's current venture is called
TrafficSwarm which you've probably heard of. It offers a clever way to grow targeted website traffic without investing a penny. I delivers a few hundred visitors a day to my site now and still growing. If you have not checked it out yet, I suggest you do so right now.

Meet Chuck McCullough...

Chuck is a relative newcomer to the scene and has quickly established himself as an expert affiliate marketer. In fact, he has identified the top mistakes affiliates make online and written a book about it. You can get the first chapter of his PC ebook
here -- it's one of the best new ebooks on affiliate marketing. Grab that sample and see why Chuck is getting so much positive buzz.

Meet Michael Angier...

Michael's been a subscriber to BizWeb eGazette for some five years now. And he's built quite a reputation for himself over that period. His high-traffic SuccessNet site helps online business enthusiasts who are suffering from information overload. Contrary to popular opinion, running a successful online business from home, does not have to mean you must go it alone. SuccessNet acts as a great silent partner, filtering and organizing only the web's most helpful information. See for yourself how a
free membership in Success Networks can help you stay focused, informed, motivated and help you accomplish more of what you're capable of doing.

P.S. I tried to keep this list as short as possible, but I would be remiss if I did not mention a few more folks I send people to. They are...

Paul Lang (Online shopping cart expert)
Bob McElwain (Website critique expert)
Yanik Silver (Autoresponder Marketing Expert)
Dave Kelly (Search Engine Placement Expert)

See ya in February... Jim Daniels

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