Jim’s DFY (done for you) Monetized Niche Blog Building Service

I’ve been hearing from a lot of my BizWeb eGazette subscribers who want a blog of their own but aren’t up for the task of building it from scratch.

It’s not just the site design that’s a challenge — it’s dealing with hosting, cpanel, adding content, finding matching affiliate programs, putting up ad banners, generating traffic, and well, everything!

Hey, I get it. It’s a lot of work.

So I’m now offering a done-for-you blog building service for my BizWeb eGazette subscribers.

Now that my daughter is grown and has an apartment of her own, she has been getting into WordPress and graphic design. So we’re doing the sites together. (It’s kinda nice to spend time with her!)

Actually, we already built this healthy eating blog for one of my subscribers. It was so much fun we are going to take on a few more clients.

If you’re interested in having a niche blog of your own and would prefer to have someone do everything for you, and I do mean EVERYTHING, here’s what we are offering:

– I’ll help you decide on a good niche that suits your interests or experience

– Help you choose a good domain name for your niche blog and suggest 3-4 choices

– Build the entire blog with images, about page, contact page, disclaimers

– Make it mobile friendly so it views well on computers, tablets and phones

– Fill it with enough content to get you started (15-20 written and video posts)

– Monetize it with banners linked to top affiliate products in that niche

– Add a mini product shop using your Amazon affiliate ID

– Add related video posts every week so the blog stays fresh

– Send 100+ targeted visitors every month via a few traffic networks I belong to

– Host the site on my speedy new GoDaddy server and keep theme and plugins updated

– Perform monthly backups to my Amazon s3 account so you never have to worry about losing data

As you can see, we do literally everything for you.

So what exactly do YOU do?

Well, once we’re all done, you get WordPress admin login so you can post your own content whenever you want. You can also drive more traffic and affiliate commissions via some strategies I recommend.

OK, so how much does something like this cost?

Well, you’ve probably seen similar offers for $1,000 or more and that’s usually without ongoing content and traffic. But I want to make this affordable for my readers.

Yes, it is a lot of work, but now that I have my daughter working with me we can get it all set up for you in less than one week. (Imagine having your own niche blog just a week from now!)

And the best news is that we can do the whole thing for a one-time $299 design fee plus $39 a month for the hosting, maintenance, backups, ongoing content and traffic.

Just pick your niche…

I have identified about 40 niches with a large audience and multiple affiliate products for easy monetizing. We will be building a maximum of two blogs per niche, so act quickly if this interests you.

Here are the niches we currently have available…

  • Acai Berry Weight Loss
  • Acne Help
  • Affiliate Marketing How-To
  • Asthma Tips
  • Baby Care
  • Blogging How-To
  • Body Building
  • Camping
  • Debt Reduction (1 left)
  • Diabetes Help
  • Dieting
  • Dog Training
  • Drawing How-To
  • Drones
  • Email Marketing
  • Fishing Enthusiast
  • Fitness (1 left)
  • Forex
  • Golf Tips
  • Green Living
  • Healthy Eating (1 left)
  • Home Automation (1 left)
  • Home Brewing (1 left)
  • Home Theater Info
  • Magic Tricks
  • Online Dating
  • Online Marketing (1 left)
  • Quit Smoking
  • RC Hobbyist
  • Recycling
  • Smoothies and Juicing (1 left)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sports Betting and DFS (1 left)
  • Tattoos
  • Travel Tips
  • Vegetarianism (1 left)
  • Website Promotion
  • Wedding Planning
  • Weight Loss (1 left)
  • Wind and Solar Power
  • Woodworking (1 Left)

If any of these niches interest you, and you’d like us to set up the entire thing for you, soup to nuts, email me at Jim@bizweb2000.com. We can have your new blog up and running in a week!

And if you do not see your desired niche listed, email me anyway. Maybe we can help.

Jim Daniels – JDD Publishing

P.S. We are now also offering “e-commerce style” Amazon affiliate sites. These are not traditional blogs, they are product based shops and can be built in any product niche you want. You pick the niche and we do the rest.

See the live site below that we just completed, to get an idea of how they are laid out and monetized…