First Impressions: Do Looks Really Matter?

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If you are promoting anything online, you may be wondering if looks matter.

No, I’m not talking about your personal, physical looks. Hey, this isn’t online dating. I’m talking about things like your logo, virtual ebook covers, sales videos and banners.

And the answer is yes. Too many marketers spend countless hours on a product then sabotage sales by skimping on their image. You can have the best product in your niche, but if your image is sub-par you’ll kill your sales.


Luckily, it’s not hard to project a top quality image, very inexpensively nowadays. There are basically two options. You can do it yourself or you can outsource it. Either way can yield awesome results every time. Here’s how…

The DIY route has advantages if you’re comfortable using design tools.

Do-it-yourself’ers with the right tools at their disposal can generate everything they need on the fly. They can also earn money offering design services at their website or on sites like If have a flair for design and actually enjoy it, here are some tools of the trade you should have in your arsenal…

1. Youzign

Youzign is a revolutionary new graphics software that creates amazing Facebook covers, video graphics, flyers, infographics, business cards, Youtube channel art, banners, headers and more, with no Photoshop necessary and nothing to download or install.

2. LaughingBird

If you prefer to have a design program installed on your computer, LaughingBird does much of what Youzign does, but on your local machine. It specializes in logo design but also has templates for Facebook timelines, business cards, blog graphics and more. It’s template based and very easy to use.

On a side-note, the creator of LaughingBird has been doing business online longer than I have. In fact, he designed my first ever website logo, see if you remember this blast from the past.

3. Ecover Authority

Ecovers are digital 3D representations of a book cover or software cover. A really good ecover can boost sales by as much as 80% or more, versus no ecover or a poorly done ecover. If you want a stunning ecover for your next project or your for your clients, you can’t do much better than eCover Authority. You don’t need Photoshop, and it is very easy to use. And just look at some of the covers this thing can crank out!

4. Explaindio

While the above three tools are perfect for creating graphics, Explaindio creates videos. “Explainer videos” to be precise. These videos are ideal for training and sales letters. I’m sure you’ve seen whiteboard videos like this before. You know, the ones with the hand-drawn characters and text. Well there’s a good chance that video was created with this software. It’s fun to use and makes DIY video creation very simple.


So that covers some of the best tools available for do-it-yourself’ers. But what about people who don’t have the time or inclination to handle these tasks. Well, you can still get a top notch image. All you have to do is hire other people who use these tools!

Here’s a list of my favorite outsourcers who help people with their digital image…

Ebook Cover Design

Banner Ad Design

Prezi Presentations

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Logo Design

Intro and Outro Videos with your Logo (Great for branding PLR Videos!)

I suggest you bookmark this page and use it every time you have a project in the works!

As you can see, it’s cheap and easy to get a professional image nowadays. So don’t skimp when it comes to this stuff. You may be surprised to see just how much looks matter online.

Read Later? Download a PDF of this Post to Save or Print
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