Easy Ways to Deliver Coaching Online

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As you probably know, last week I released this training program on cashing in on the coaching craze — whether you want to coach or not.

It was a big hit and I want to thank all my BizWeb eGazette subscribers who bought a copy.

In today’s gazette I’d like to share some info for people who are just starting out their coaching business, or considering doing it.

There are lots of way to deliver coaching online and the best coaches offer a variety of delivery methods. Here are the top methods you can choose from…

Email: The simplest method, especially if you plan to offer one-on-one coaching.

All you need to do most of your coaching via email is a free gmail address and a good autoresponder service. The autoresponder can do a lot of your heavy lifting for you sending out automated lessons on weekly schedule. In the past I’ve used Aweber for this, and another good one is GetResponse.

Skype: Another way of doing coaching is via Skype.

Skype is a way of making calls over the internet, you can make either voice calls or video calls, and they can be either one-on-one or group calls. You can also send short written messages as well and it’s very versatile. You can contact anyone anywhere in the world that’s got a Skype equipped computer or Smartphone, and you can download the software for free from Skype.com.

Facebook Groups: Coaching via a Facebook group is very simple, and becoming more and more mainstream for coaches.

Setup is a breeze. Just log into your Facebook account and click the drop down arrow by your account info, then click the option to “Create Group”. A popup window opens with the option to Create New Group, that looks like this…


You then see another box where you can name the group, add your initial members and decide whether you want the group to be public, closed, or secret. That box looks like this…


If you’re going to be charging for your coaching then obviously you’d want to keep it at secret so that only members get to see your posts and benefit from your coaching. Once you have the group set up you can then give the link to new coaching clients and manually approve them for the group.

Google Hangouts: This is another option growing in popularity among online coaches.

At Hangouts.google.com you can make video calls, phone calls, and send messages as well and get involved in chats and it’s all free. Their icon pretty much says it all…


What’s great about Google Hangouts is that you can reach people across multiple platforms including PC, tablet and more. It’s a flexible option and you can do it at no cost!

Moodle: If you’re looking to offer a more structured coaching environment.

Moodle lets you deliver courses online in a more structured manner, and it is used a lot by universities in various countries. It’s a solid platform if you have a web hosting plan that includes C-Panel with Fantasico or Softalicous you may find that the software is already included as part of your hosting package.


Video Coaching: Can be done in real-time as well as with pre-recorded videos.

In fact, you can even buy the rights to videos in your niche and add your own private label intro to each video. This is a fast way to get into video coaching. Once you have your videos, delivering them is a breeze with these three options…

Member Sites: You can load up all your videos into a member site like I did at ezWebBusinessBuilder2.com and let members access the training on their own time. Then they can use your support area for coaching on an as needed basis. I use a company called GrooveHQ to support my members inside my member site. Groove lets you add lots of common questions and answers and the support desk is easy to access from PC or smart phone.

YouTube: There are several ways that you can use YouTube. You can either prerecord videos and upload them to the YouTube site, or you can do live streaming via your channel. You’ll find both options at the Youtube Upload page. If you’re going to upload videos to a YouTube channel one thing you want to do is to set the privacy to private and that means that only people who you invite can watch the video. If you’re going to charge people for your coaching, which of course you should, then you want to make sure that it doesn’t show up in the public listings on YouTube.

Vimeo: Another option for video coaching is Vimeo, which is similar to YouTube, but it does offer free and paid for versions. The paid for version is worth getting because you don’t have any advertisements showing and you also get a much larger allocation. You can read all about it at Vimeo.com/upgrade.

There you go, just a few methods that you can use to deliver your coaching to your clients. If you’re interested in coaching or simply profiting from helping others get into coaching, check out my new package at ezBizCoach.com.

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