Gene, Gene the ‘Domaining’ Machine?

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Remember the Gong Show?

If so, you may be as old as I am. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I used to love it when Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine would come on.

Chuck Barris would get the audience whipped into a frenzy and ol’ Gene would do his thing.

If you need a refresher, watch this…

Ah, the good ol days before reality TV ruined everything.

Fast forward 40 years or so, and now my favorite Gene is Gene Pimentel.

He’s the guy who showed me how to find and flip expired domains for profit.

It’s one of my favorite new income strategies, and I knew nothing about it before I saw this:

I suggest you grab it. What you discover inside may just have you dancing around like Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine.

Oh, by the way. That link above gets you 50% off the regular price of the package, a significant discount without having to use a coupon code or promo code.

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